Anne-Marie - 2002 (Live At Brighton Music Hall 2018)

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I will always remember the day you kissed my lips\nLight as a feather\nAnd it went just like this\nNo, it's never been better\nThan the summer of 2002\nWe were only eleven\nBut acting like grownups\nLike we are in the present, drinking from plastic cups\nSinging, \
Adriana Lombardi
She's one of the BEST LIVE artists out there 😍😍 Her voice, her gestures, the emotion, it's incredible! Who agrees?\nI wanna recommend you another cool chill out song for your playlist: Benedict Ammann - The Rules\nI think it's the perfect song for rainy fall days 😍
Aldar Hasan
Amutha Selvi
She got the power and control of her fans.
Aniketh Hebbar
My son is a big fan of yours.... Luv frm his side.... Plz make concerts in India.... Plz.....
Anja ‘Crazy’ Trimner
She’s one of those rare artists who actually sounds like the do on the radio 😍
Asra Yahya
I'm even trying to learn the song right now
Aubrey Gacha
Anne-Marie has such a good voice ❤️
Auzria Walidia
best songs a babe..\nmana orang indo yg suka anne mr ? like ya
Bow Bowx13
in my opinion there are many more famous female singers, but female singers who sound good don't exist like this .\nAgree?Like $$
Cherry Lene Hernando
Her reaction when she started to sing and the people shouted is so precious :)
Christina Nguyen
I killed the replay button.....
DAD team
Русские есть? Лайкусик с вас! 😉
Dara Nicole
Omg!!, i really luv this song ...from the philippines
David Fenanlampir
natural voice
Dear Diary#03
very beautiful and beautiful, my greetings from Indonesia, 😍😍😍
Edward Zuniga
You are the best Anne - Marie go to New Jersey
Efrydinata Putra
I love it, she really looked so happy with the concert.
Elijah Playz
ANNE MARIE!!!!! The new singing star of 2018-2019
Gaming with abdo
l,m old❤ 2002❤
Glenn Bill
One of the best songs of 2018 😊
Anne Marie has got a natural voice!! Even without auto tune, it feels so good listening to it!
Harbalb Waraich
Please concert in india
Heronima Nia
Omg..amazing ...nice powerful
Ian GalangYT
I'm the biggest fan since 2002
Irfan Pagatan
Wooowww...the best on studio
Jaedah Ladra
My god....anne marie...I like your emotion and everything the way you sing....I love it💕
Jama Musa
This song this song is the best
Jammu Rider
One of my favourite singer 😍 luv from India 💓
Jaoo Joey
I love this song 😍
John Prospere
She is the best
Kenzha Johanez
I like it All ane marry the song
She seems like a really cool person!
Kyra Bald
I love you Anne Marie powerful voice
Likinxz Gąming
I really like this Anne Marie:*
Lucía Garbín
I love how happy she looks when she performs live
Lyrical Journey
Anne Marie is so underrated. She deserves more support, more recognition. Give respect for talent. However she is beautiful like her voice.
This deserves more views!!!
Mahzabie Tomar
Love u Anne
Marcelo Cortez
Wow her voice in live was the same in studio recording.
Mariejoy Isidro
The Best in Live performance same in her real version. !!! Omg 😲 she dont need autotune mic! Its called Angelvoice !
Marina Abroad
THIS IS AMAZING!!! 😍😍 Can't wait for May 2019 when i will be seening her Live :D :D
Mr Nobody
November 14
Mιкυѕια Gαмεѕ
Ktoś z Polski? Hehe \nI'm Poland ❤
Najwa Salsa
Hey!, this is My Favorite Song👯Hi I From Indonesia💖
Naomi Ralte
2002 song is my favourite because Anne-Marie is my favourite singer in the world 😊😊😊
Nikma Fista Safrina
Oh my god i love her ❤
Pearl Kiong
november 2018.... who else???
I love how she didn’t lip sync
Pratheesh RJ
Anne Marie Fans Hit Like 👍👍👍
Precious Garjealyn Calignawan
I saw that on your concertt
Rae A
she can sing in her sleep, what a queen
Raingail gaming
your voice is so~ beautiful!!!!!!!!
Rawan Raissouni
Love you
Remus Gabriel
2002? OMG my birthday year 😍
Risma Risma
the best song of 2018
Risydaalia Hilmiputri
Omg You so Beutiful and perfect
Rose Parkes
That was amazing
She in studio=she in live=she in acoustics 💗💗.\nP.s 2:30 we can hear ED'S voice too 💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥
Rudra Sagar
2.40 that \
I bet you guys have one of Annie Marie song in ur storage
Seraj Wheda
Her voice woooow
Sharon ward
Tia Lambert 💘💘💘💘👄👄❤❤❤
Shonamonu Soomro
I love her she is so pretty ! Nice song
Simran Babra
November 2018.... who else!!🙋\u200d♀️❤
Star Next
I SWEAR that she ate her album.
Sushant Sonowal
Love from india😀😀😀💖
The best song in 2018 agreed? Anne Marie is the best singer ever 😘😘 ANNE MARIE I LOVE YOR SONGS YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN IM SAD please like ANNE MARIE PLEASEEEEEE Heart this ANNE MARIE IF YOU HEART THIS I WILL CRY TEARS OF JOY SRSLY you are the best ever!!
Terra Verde Ecofarm
We need more music like this😍
Tri Chem
I love you and the vocal is amazing💜
Come to Brazil please
Two Sparkley Sisters ✨
Can’t wait to see you next year in Newcastle 🇬🇧
Very natural voice, brilliant
Vertex 13
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Vikayia dw
Woo Wee
No lie, I smiled throughout the whole video. \u003c3
YK music
You sounds better on live.because you don't need autotune.Love u anne marie💕💕💕
Yoga aku
Really? I see an angel come down to earth!!! 😍
Yogita Kamle
Omg I was there I saw myself 😄
aneet emogilix -
*My favourite song!!!!*\ngreeting from Malaysia!! 😍😍😍
arleanne pangilinan
One of my favorite singer
ashley evangelista
she dont need studio its like the official music video
danney antony
If Adele and drew barrymore had a child, she would look just like anne marie
dittiestarXL funny
i really start crying!!! soooo beautifull...
gajanand jogdhand
Omg 2002 My Crush❤️ B'day 🎂....Love From India
ice lollipop
i love it how she smile throughout the song *such a cutie*
jenica paulo
One of the best Live performances ever! ❤
listya aripuspita
Her voice 😍
ppwr cc
very good live
shacha 7
A nice song...
shcool vlog by jhasmin blanco
This is the reason why ilike ann marie .she have a natural voices
Who is 11 yrs old
Şule Nur DEMİR
0:05 I love youuu
11월에 보고있는 한국사람👋