BGC9 Andrea vs Ashley All Round 1 2 Arguments HD !

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I don't own any of this. Credit to Oxygen and NBC Universal. Andrea vs Ashley Round 1 and 2 Andrea vs Rima and Ashley Argument Ashley pushes Andrea. The Tipping Point. Cruisin' for a Bruisin'. Comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE!


Angel Payton angelwow
Apple Love
Aquarious Jones
Ashley pushed her into the bushes lol 😂😂😂
Aquarius baby - Odell is bae
If I was in the bgc I would be fighting every chance I get just so those security guards can rub they big asses up on me they look hella strong
Babygirl Love
if Ashley got all up in my face like that she would have been seeing stars
Bassma A
Andrea is the best
ashley is just too much, screaming because her voice too soft
CrazySexyCool Lonni Banks
Rima wasn't even about it smh
Round 1 Winner : Andreaa\nRound 2 Winner : Tie/Ashley
Daniah Bailey
Blondie rima Julie and Ashley need to stfu cause all they weak macaroni back look ass scared off Christian Megan Erika and Andrea it's just Andrea was alone so they wanted to jump her
Destanee Smith
Ashley mad annoying soon as the big wolf comes in she quit clearly mad weak
At Least Ashley didnt pull hair... 
Elias Vasilescu
Rima gets* them sent home because they beat her ass.
Eva Gentry
andrea little but she is not scared she dropped her ass lol
Evian Pollack
lol!!it's sooo funny how rema acts bad & all but got her ass wooped all the effing time...\n#team_drea
Glory Onyeugbo
It took how many guards to keep Andrea off of Ashley? Those tricks knew that Andrea would have ended Ashley. It must be embarrassing for someone to talk all of that garbage only to get their ass handed to them. Do not underestimate that small chick.
Jae Jae
Blondie yelling in her face pissed me off 🙅🏽\u200d♀️
Jahdiel Freeland
I like seeing the drama but at the same time it’s pointless this show probably was ever about bettering themselves they put these chicks together for a reason; and it’s not to better lives.
Jasmine Johnson
Rima Is Pussy She Wanna Act All Bad When Erika & Mehgan Left This Made Wanna Beat Tf Outta Rima
Jasmine Lewis
I hate when white girls talk about weave when they wear weaves themselves
I'm sure Ashley has learned to no longer put up with people who mess with her, but she loss points when she continued to pick on Andrea, who is two times smaller than her, acting all bad. At 1:04 Ashley tells Andrea to do something but she was in Andrea's personal space in that little room doing nothing but sending verbal assaults. Funny how Andrea did the same to Ashley and she cracked but end getting the floor mopped with her.
Andrea GOT that weave
Jo Dunk
Rima was whack as hell!
Joy Trowbrige
Rima always trying to act black because she wish she was
Kathy Tavarez
andrea you a bish
Kavika Aloese
Ashley is uuuggglllyyy ...Andrea is prettyiier n stronger
Kehmani Dorn Tv
It's funny how rima is trying act tough when she just sat there when Erika was coming at her
Kiersten Gonzalez
Andrea said you're frail and weaksauce!!!!!!!
Laylonnie _gang
It’s crazy casue when one it’s getting beat up the jump
Lisa Hernandez
ew Ashley's like fat and has crispy looking hair like one of those troll dolls. she's tan like donald trump too haha. obviously jealous of Andrea.
Luis Torres
Okay so what? Ashley maybe wasn't that great of a fighter but I give her props for holding her ground and defending herself. She threw Andrea right off her chair and into the bushes too lmfao.
Makayla Henderson
Malorie Firmin
Rima act so hard but girl all u do is get beat up or jump all of them is weak except for Andrea
McDonald’s Careers
Andrea was on dating. Naked
Mia Jones
she still lost the fight even if she didn't pull hair.
Mia Dowd
Rima said she sends people home like she does something. She starts fights but can't finish them.
Mia Mosko
Mini backpack Show
Bich got drag
Minniee Lovee
Andrea went hard on her (:
Missouri wade
uuuuuggggghhhh all these girls just....WHY who the does that really they try to jump this girl and act hard when the girls they scared of left sure pick on the little one but andrea aint no weakling she defended herself Good For You Andrea
Mixed Notez
Rima and Ashley are so irrelevant!! They tried to be big and bad when all the real baddies got kicked off for kicking their a$$
Mrs. Bhad Bharbie
Ashley got beat up twice
Mya Cambray
Ashley is weak and gross.\nIdk why they even put her on the show. But then again the producers always have to have at least one \
Neo Edition
When RIMA actually was bad. Season 13 she was washed up, and boring. \n\nAshley; all the props to you! Andrea was annoying as hell, glad she got jumped although I don't believe in it. Now the hypocrites talk: Andrew whopped her. Haha NO. round 1: Andrea won! (Because she hip tossed Ashely and missed about all of her shots). Round 2: Ashley won. (She threw down Andrea). actually was a fair fight. Be honest with yourselves
Nicole Decius
Ashley Needa Sit Her Overdramatic Ass Down. Tf She Screaming For? She Doing The Most
Nina Edwards
Ashley I always hated her she wanted to act like she everybody should get along and when the real bad girls left she was all big and bad
Andrea strong asf! It took how many security guards to pull her off?😂😂😂
Rafael Hernandez
Damn, lil Andrea got hands though! 
Riickyracaardo Racardo
Ashley strong tho wtf for a white girl
Rolanda Loathe
Proof that white chicks wear weave too.
Sandra V
Andrea little ass had hands lol
Sarah Jackson
white girl no she can't ...don't no why she picking fights
Shamya Lee
I cant stop laugh at this mann xD
Shari Thompson
 yall here fallen RIP THAT WEAVE RIP THAT WEAVE RIP IT RIP IT RIP IT .\nand Adrea was not the 1
Shelby lopez
Lmaoooo by blondy didn't have this energy when Meghan beat her ass
Shimare Spencer
Ashley says she going to beat some body but she gets beat up
they weren't acting bad when Meghan and Christina were there lmfao...
Sim Lover
Everyone wants to get tough when meghen and all those people left y'all fake
SimGlobe MF
Andrea actually quite got dem hands!
SipMeiMTea Williams
Rima so freaking weak she couldn't even knock the cigarette out Andrea's hand😑😑😑😑😑
Stacy Castello
Rima sure was acting hard for a person who got her ass whipped every single time. She knew to try that one the new girl.
Tamariya Bryant
Ashley cannot fight as soon as meghan leaves then Ashley want to fight that's y her fake ass always get beat the hell up
Tayla Gola
oh blondy now you balls sit you big blonde self down
The Crystal Cheeto
i'm so confused, how is sending someone home something to be proud of\nthose girls who rima 'sent home' had to go home because they beat her up, not because she chased them away or anything
Tiffanie Collins
smh ashley,julie, and rima, always trying to hit and talk about and tease andrea but when mehgan,christina,and erika do something they keep there mouth shut
Tikki Lashai
andrea won..hands down
Täcø Sòundś
Idc what no one say . Andrea got hands . Even when she got jumped .
Having been a massive fan of BGC and watched all seasons..... Ashley aka Blondie was one of the most 2 faced and fake housemate ever.
Urs Truly
so crazee how reema so tough with everyone else but couldn't say shit to Erica. .. Lol
Vee Solis
Rima sure was bout it after erica left lol
Victoria V
ok Ashley is not fat at all. She is actually no where near fat. Also the girls on the show called her fat cause they knew that would bother her more then anything, because of her past relationship. Also yeah Ashley did start off quite as a mouse but I think being on the show helped her start learning how to stand up for herself. She might look dumb and weak to some but going from silent scared Ashley to actually standing up for herself Is a big thing regardless of how it happened.. Also to the people saying she is dumb for staying in that abusive relationship if you haven't been in one don't act like you would know better. Shit happens and people go through a lot until they fully realize who they are and their value in life as a person.
That blonde is mentally ill!! Just sayin!!
Whitney Minor
I wish Andrea gave them the ass whoopins they really deserved
Wynter Gang
Rima wasn't doing ask that to Erica though, weak sauce
That white girl made me laugh😭
Young Cashy
Rima I don't like her!! She didn't like it when Erika and all the girls was messing wit her and saying cruel things so there is no excuse for her to do it now! Like sit down! What she think she tuff cause she got a \
ana maria
Lol rima tryna act like a thug.... Hope her son doesn't see this when he grows up
Rima, you got dragged the whole season, shut up. 😂
essa gay iraqi Ratchet Muslim stripper
Rima she's is extra
icker ga
OMG everybody hate Ashley But I can't hahahahahahahaha
john carlos
I would have been like you spit on me I swear on all the perfect angels in heaven that will be the last mutha fuc*ing thing you do lol
melissa salisbury
there all whack.. but i do love mehgan. and Andrea.. and christina.
pure soul
Rima annoying af😂
pw12 pp
Blondie is the weakest of them all trying to pick on someone not even her size
Rima the reason why Mehgan and Erika got sent home was because the both jumped u
sasha green
andrea got dem hands
sims gamer
Ashley was the first white girl in bgc history to have hands
wonderland baby
Lol Andrea can take them all one on one 👏
xtreme bass
Lol that girl felt pain all over