Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Check out my other video - All Blacks v Springboks 2010. The perfect example of why you play to the final minute:(Lyrics)I am the passenger and I ride and I rideI ride through the city's backsidesI see the stars come out of the skyYeah, the bright and hollow skyYou know it looks so good tonightI am the passengerI stay under glassI look through my window so brightI see the stars come out tonightI see the bright and hollow skyOver the city's ripped backsidesAnd everything looks good tonightSinging la la la la la.. lala la la, la la la la.. lala la la etcGet into the carWe'll be the passengerWe'll ride through the city tonightWe'll see the city's ripped backsidesWe'll see the bright and hollow skyWe'll see the stars that shine so brightStars made for us tonightOh, the passengerHow, how he ridesOh, the passengerHe rides and he ridesHe looks through his windowWhat does he see?He sees the sign and hollow skyHe sees the stars come out tonightHe sees the city's ripped backsidesHe sees the winding ocean driveAnd everything was made for you and meAll of it was made for you and me'Cause it just belongs to you and meSo let's take a ride and see what's mineSinging la la la la.. lala la la [x3]Oh the passengerHe rides and he ridesHe sees things from under glassHe looks through his window sideHe sees the things that he knows are hisHe sees the bright and hollow skyHe sees the city sleep at nightHe sees the stars are out tonightAnd all of it is yours and mineAnd all of it is yours and mineSo let's ride and ride and ride and rideOh, oh, Singing la la la la lalalala

For Life Lust Passenger Pop The car driving Iggy

he has a nice body
I'm 15 but i love this one! :D
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2, hell yes!\n\nGood old time!
how to be a successful lead singer in the 80s , sing like you just woke up , have brilliant songwriting skills .
Ben Saunders
Looks like he could be Anthony Kiedis' dad here
Man, this song is one of the greatest evor. So fuckin' beautiful.
If it ain't the best punk rock song ever, I don't know what is . And what's better then a long roadtrip with your mates, careless , happy and feeling like living ♡☆
Britischen Adligen
Happy birthday Punk Godfather!
Captain Wolf
Thank you volkswagen
Chance Miller
this was the only song i'd listen to when I couldn't sleep and decided to go for a drive at 2am
Jamming to this on Matt Hoffman's pro bmx 2 in split screen with my friends, those were the days.
Christopher Carpenter
And everything was made for you and me\nAll of it was made for you and me
Christos Anesti
siouxsie and igg should do a duet of this before 1 kicks the bucket.
Connor Phebus
Music, man kinds greatest invention. The wheel comes in close at 2nd greatest.
Csordi 77
This is wery good thank you
D tom L
this is my song mothefuckers back off
Dan Maltby
His best damn song
Darth Crawler
Scarface for PS2,anyone ?
David Erthal
John Frusciante - This Cold must be inspired on this Iggy Pop song
David Schlessinger
great song from one of my favorite movies (Trainspotting)
Desorb CB
Kto z reklamy samochodu ? xD
this beat is perfect for singing \
Dynamo duck
Drink drugs and partying = Ripped body, who knew!?
Eddy Meijer
at least he survived the age of 27
mega views amazing song!
Freedom and Poetry
Just listen... And think...
Fuck Man
aaaaahhhhh....che bella canzone!!! Un vero capolavoro!!!
Gabriela Walczowska
I liked this song beacause of the Volkswagen comercial\n
Giuseppe Padula
This is a music of Volkswagen Golf 8
Homie Young Q Loc
The song is older than me\nStill bump it\nFrom #Kurdistan #Iraq
i love this song
JC Denton
Anyone else here from Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2?
James Tilsley
I've been trying to find this song since 2008!!!
Jan Herr
Matt Hofmann pro BMX anybody?
Jeffrey Coogan
The Jim Morrison poem that inspired this song was a untitled poem that appeared in Morrison's self-published The Lord's/Notes on Visions book from 1969. Here is the poem that inspired Iggy Pop's 1977 classic The Passenger. A room moves over a landscape, uprooting the mind, \n astonishing vision. A gray film melts off the \n eyes, and runs down the cheeks. Farewell. \n Modern life is a journey by car. The Passengers \n change terribly in their reeking seats, or roam \n from car to car, subject to unceasing transformation. \n Inevitable progress is made toward the beginning \n (there is no difference in terminals), as we \n slice through cities, whose ripped backsides present \n a moving picture of windows, signs, streets, \n buildings. Sometimes other vessels, closed \n worlds, vacuums, travel along beside to move \n ahead or fall utterly behind.
Happy Sunday! LOVE Iggy's new Single SUNDAY. Can't wait for the new album
Jodie Tjhia
UFC, anyone?
What a song 👍🏻 big love
Lucas Souza
Sons of Anarchy Temp:5 - Ep:07
Luciana Andrade
Luis Alberto Galan
Muy buena rola..
Maluma Repoto
iggy pop & david bowie \u003c3
Maniacal Killz
heh Mat Hoffman pro bmx 2 anyone?
Maria Griotti
Mr Pupp
90s rock is always makes me feel better
Mr Rieper
Scarface: The World Is Yours brought me here.
Nadia Fox
As dexter said : dark passenger :3
Nig Tard
the picture looks like scar from the lion king
Ninja Gamer
listening to this song when you are traveling to new york with your friends \n\nthis is the best feel in the world
Stars made for us tonight!!!
Patrick Bateman
Let's take a ride, and see what's mine.
Pedro Iglesias
Capital Inicial, kkkkkkk'
Ramona Basso
I am the passenger! Certi cantanti sono eterni... fantastica canzone!
Iggy the boss
Rod Azlan
Proper tune! Keep on riding
Roger Milla
This song reminds me a little bit of \
Sam Rawling
Sons of anarchy brought me here
Second Gc
Que hermoso es escuchar esta canción mientras vas viajando
Ash v. Evil dead ! c:
Sigma 1138
Small Biz Geek
David Bowie sings backup vocals on this
Suez Camo
Its BOB from Twin Peaks ? Xd
Tanguy Lindegaard
There is no age to like this song !
Thierry Eyraud
the song I take for my own place
Thompter S. Hunson
lala lala lalalala, \nlala lala lalalala, \nlala lala lalalala... \nlalala!
Thora F
Love this song.
Timothy Dingman
As much as I love this, I don't know if I have discriminating taste, or if I'm just old
Tony D
love this song!
Valerii Serikov
it's not a song. It is a circular saw which cuts all who have an ear for music
Iggy was a pretty boy when he first started out but like a reverse Dorian Gray every bad thing hes ever done is carved into his body while his early pics remain unmarked....And now they are using this song for a stupid VW ad.
Best song ever
Yogen de bruin
Crazy,, clever, and good music, what do you want more. Enjoy life.
Zachary haykal
I love iggy pop yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kto z reklamy volkswagena? :D
ZickoXGames axr
Polacy zawładnie my youtubem?
ahmed hamed
war dogs :)
I still can't believe Iggy Pop outlived David Bowie.\n\n\nowie.
camille duzer
super chanson un vrai classique qui fera vivre le rock et la soul .. une icone qui ne risque pas de disparaitre de sis tot !
You have to watch the Deutsche Bahn ad with Iggy!
We lost two icons in 2016, I really hope we don't lose this guy in 2017
don't watch my videos
Uma pena que eu tenha conhecido a versão do Capital Inicial primeiro kkkk
hapi phace
Iggy best ever love your smile daddy pop
First one i got 100 percent in lego rockband. never forget
this is probaly the most haunting song ive ever heard. its stranglely morbid, even though the lryics have nothing to do with death. it brings me back to questions about free will and death when most music takes me away from them
Thx Iggy , I never get tired of hearing this song, NEVER
kirin robinson
You haven't lived till you've heard your five year old belting this out at the top of his lungs from the backseat
kiss peter
the dark passenger
luigia carbone
il vintage è a volte lo stile più bello
Karolina Kowalkiewicz!!!
parkster 95
i wonder if any you cunts remember matt hoffmans pro bmx 2 ? this was my jam on that !
philippe welter
The best song from Iggy
aren't we all just \
Je suis la passagère, et je me promène, et je me promène\nJe promène à travers l'arrière de la ville\nJe vois les étoiles sortir du ciel\nOui le ciel lumineux et creux\nTu dis que ça semble si bien ce soir\nJe suis la passagère\nJe reste derrière ma vitre\nJe regarde à travers ma fenêtre si lumineuse\nJe vois les étoiles sortir ce soir\nJe voix le ciel lumineux et creux...\n\net bonne soirée ;)
valerie lonn
I love the above photo, it is so good to see Mr. Pop look so damn healthy! He is among the few of us who survived, healthy, happy, and all that!
Reminds me so much of 'Over and Done With' by The Proclaimers.
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