Suisei no Gargantia Ep 1 Eng Dub

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Gargantia Suisei

That speed up is gross...
Aisha Khate
Alvin RX
What they say ?????
Anime Msp
is it just me or can anyone else hear sound and I can't
Anthony Tamayo
Hey admin...can you post it in FB.
Ara Naweedah Abdul Jalil
I looooovvvvvvveeee it!!!! Its soooo awesome that i will die fangirling for no reason!! *dies
Awesome Super Gamer
I just realized hey kid wanna die?, Sure!
this is my first anime I watched lol
Def 2
I hate that it is no sound that is the only thing that sucks
Extremer Strike
Put on head phones
Gabriel Woods
Woah, fourth impact
Girl La
I think it's good but no sound 😢
For everyone not knowing where the sound is, wear headphones :3
From the begening is more like science
Irene Fernandez Fernandez
Eu não sei falar inglês 😢😢
Jesus Christ It's Jason Bourne
what was the point of no sound
Johnnison Jerilong
Goddanm the formation is good.
Juan Garcia jr Paul
Amy: You are one awesome \nman Agent 47: Uh huh
Kishan Nzy
No sound
Looking forYou
Wow its on YouTube now\nBack then it wasn't here glad i dont have to search it in Google its been 4 years since the first time i watched this it's nostalgic 😭 but thanks for uploading it 😁\nAnd wear some headphones
Lots Of Idiots With A Phone
the way the audio is makes me feel like its inside my heard or I'm wearing earbuds.
That mecha Landing was badass
Paul Jiuwa
Yes I finally found it thank you
Tatsumi okumura
Lol my word auto corrected and I came here, it’s good
Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away\n\n Their was a bunch of hero’s in mechs \n But screw it this is Star Wars but with mechs\n We can’t do anything about this \n Wait if this is a Star Wars look alike then woo hooo I don’t \n Have to buy the movies😀😀😀I only have to pay for internet \n I’m still broke but no need to by Star Wars \n 40 bucks saved or more
White Wolf
Is it just me or does the main character sound like izayoi
Whiterun Guard
Is fanboying a thing? Cause i kinda fanboying myself lol
jannatul popy
or sub
kallu senpai-kun
i like it
load errors
What the pak there's no sounds its a waste of time .. this anime is damn good but the uploader makes it worse for audience like me/us.. 😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
oh a I have a parasite
*wow...It's huge!* meh jaegers and gundams are bigger
tanya lloyd
So basically the aliens we’ve been seeking all this time we’re humans all along
violet palacios
When is there going to be episode 14 on
อี เตี้ยๆๆ
Yesss!!! Thank you thank you so much. I finally found my new favourite anime. Thanks again for uploading this anime