Meeting Aiden - Being Human - BBC Three

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: After a phenomenal response to our previous post about interviewing the cast, you surpassed all our expectations and provided us with some brilliant questions. So, as promised, here is the first of our new interviews featuring everyone's favourite vampire Aidan Turner.Be warned - When we caught up with Aidan he was part-way through shooting a new historical drama, so brace yourself for some serious hair extension / sideburn action.

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Amy Durham
BBC you spelt his name wrong, it's Aidan\n
@death2utubenow God the US version is god awful. I tried to give it a shot and attempted to watch the first 3 episode. That was honestly 3 too many and it pains me when I see people praise how great of an original show the US version and I always want to say nope, it was stolen from the UK.
Arwen of Rivendell
“Aiden” ?
vd and bh are so incredibly different it is hard to compare the two. I think that bh has more rounded characters but tvd is getting better with that it just took a season. tvd is about love and bh is more just well being human and having friends and dealing with struggles that anyone can have being human doesn't have to have the supernatural aspect to survive. I love both of them. damon and mitchell are so different too. I don't know how you sould choose between the shows or characters so differ
i like the new one and the old one :3
I'm in love...
Brie WB
i find it so funny how his name in real life is aiden and then in the american version of this show the main vampire character's name is aiden ;)\nboth are such fantastic shows, characters, and actors! :)
This man has some damned good DNA
Claudia Torres
LOVE YOU AIDAN!!!! im hoping you get famous but at the same time Im so selfish that I dont want to share you with the world not will be Mitchell in my mind forever and ever!!!! Love from the USA..... BH american version sucks...sorry but it does!!!!
Oooooooooooooooooooh jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh ^///////^ !!!!!!!!!
Daniel C
Hello Luke! :)))))
Danika Bass
Donairius Joestar
Its ashamed that his charetcter has to die at the end of season 3. I guess his charetcter was guitly fo killing those people in the Box Tunnel and has his best friend to kill him...very sad but noble? Great job Aidan and sorry for spoling the ending for those who didn't get far up to the series. uh, CHeero? \u003c)
Doris Watson
Aww he was still so young . He's just right to be Ross now some years later.
'I don't have hordes of teenage girls running after me.'\r\nWell Aidan, that era is over now.
Elyza M
Why do you give me feels like this!😫
Emma Rogerson
1st question... the awenser is YES if i happened to see him!! XD \u003c3
Eve Serena moon
He is such an amazing actor! What a babe. I am so sad that his character was killed off. Nooooooo!\n
They're only not chasing you because they won't leave their rooms...
Gemini Jasmine's Backup Channel
You're joking right?
How is he so perfect?!?!?!?!
He looks like Bard.
Haylie Gourley
Mitchell - Vampire; Kílí - Dwarf; Luke - Werewolf; just covering all your bases aren't you?
Holly Ajala
@MissTeenageNothing me too.. me too\n
Iliana Kakouris
I want to jump his bones :x
Izzy M.
Aidan, \
Izzy May
Jasmine Garland
Well hello there Kili
Jenna garnett
There's no E in Aidan Turner's name.
Jennifer Anne Glenn
He is so down to earth! I am a massive fan of his!!
A much better looking vampire and man than Robert Pattinson.
He's so beautiful and chill.
Kili! \u003c3
These questions for Being Human were asked while he was filming Desperate Romantics, (From John Mitchell to Dante Gabriel Rosetti). He's so down to earth & very open minded.\nI never knew how sexy the Irish accent was until hearing his smooth voice. :) Love him.
Lark Logan
I'm hoping that since Herrick was brought back from the dead, the same will be done for Mitchell. Aidan Turner's character is to HOT to stay dead! I'm seriously hoping he makes a comeback - even if it's ghostly form, than he and Annie can remain together. I'd like that :-)
Lauren Willoughby
omg i....there are no words for ythis kind of hotness
Lisa Galarza
Can't wait to see him in the Hobbit! XD He deserves more recognition! :)
Lizy Green
never mind teenage girls! how about young women with our tongues out everywhere hahah! your a beautiful man mr turner haha~
@LarkLogan And I honestly don't... I'm a huge huge fan of Mitchell, but I love Aidan even more and I want him to do a lot of big movies. I'm sure he will know a very big success \u003c3 \nEventhough the show is really not the same without him. \nAnd anyway, Herrick said that there was no coming back form a stake to the heart... :/
Why hello there Rossetti\n
that smile is lethal . . .
Mia Asano
Happy Birthday Aidan!!!!!!!!!!
Michigan Wolverine
His Charcters name is John Mitchell in the show not Aiden.
I think he is very, very sexy. I've just finished looking at his pictures on Google Images, yum yum.
The things I would do to this man...
Morwen Dorlomin
Those eyes...... \n
I must say the Aidan Turner is my favorite actor and I love everything about him. I feel that his personality speaks to me.
Murf's Mess
I can't believe the BBC posted this and SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG!!!
Music Lover
I don't know why people who love vampire shows and movies compare them to one another...their all good and unique in their own way. And each show and movie has their own mythology.....I love Being Human, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and the one that got me hooked on all of these shows-Buffy......
Noley Bartruff
Can Aiden Turner be any hotter. I love him both on Being Human (uk), The Hobbit: AUJ, and The Hobbit: DOS. 
Ponyo ˎ͓͜٨͓ˏ
Aidan ist so heiß *-* !!!!!!!!!
Aidan: Unless they're hiding somewhere!\nHordes of girls hiding: DAMNIT HE'S SPOTTED US!!!
He is simply gorgeous!! it's now 2018 and he's showing in Poldark as Ross Poldark, the main character-but think you lot of Aidan fans will already know this ;) he's only got better-if thats possible and now has been voted sexiest man in the world twice! no surprise there lol he's so damn good looking and what a body!! deffo the CORRR factor ......
S Cullman
His name is Aidan! Aidan! Aidan!
Teagan Pettit
So in love with him
Thanavadee Thonglamoon
Smile Cute!!!!\n
Didn't realise how good looking he is til I saw the making of the hobbit clip. Wow! Not many men have the combination of enough sexy traits to turn my head! Can tell he's a spunk from the inside \u003e out.
I'm in love. Seriously. This man is unbelievably sexy.
Tiffany Maxwell
2009 : \
He so cute, I like how he answered the first question
@dimples5455 Mitchell. better character and better actor. I love Vampire Diaries, but like so many American shows it lack depth at times.
ok mitchell or damon from the vampire diaries
elf girl
what\nHey!!! I'm a teenage girl and I like him very much
Nom nom nom...
those are extensions!??!? damn.
Join the club.....
hottest accent on the planet!
lilith evernight
i just watched the last epsisode today ..i was so dissapointed that they killed him off\nim gonna go into to depression he was my favorite one of the show :(
I love him so much...;-)
He looks like an Arabian prince in Arabian Night stories
We just watched THE episode last Friday (got into the show late) and I had no idea it was coming. None! Grief! And I have no one to talk to about it because my friends have either seen it and gotten over it by now, or don't watch the show. Not sure I even want to bother with watching Season 4....I'll give it a couple of episodes I guess.
He says \
sarah wright
I have come from the future to announce that you will in fact be playing a werewolf very soon.
He needs to come to the states he'll get something
tony garvary
@dimples5455 oh my god, why would you even ask such a hard question?! there's no WAY anyone can choose!