The Final Aiden Interview

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William gives his last interview for Aiden.

Aiden William Control

Alex Attacksss
I literally skipped school to drive from El Paso all the way to Phoenix just to see you on your last tour, and it was hands down the best concert i've ever attended.
Amber Newman
This absolutely made my heart hurt. Saw you in Atlanta on the last tour. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I will miss Aiden, but i'm looking forward to much more William Control.
Thank you William. Goodbye Aiden, thanks for the memories. :'-(
Bekii Kneale
Its in our heads,\nIts in our hearts,\nThe world by storm...\n\u003c3 \nI will always love Aiden from when I very first heard them, always. \nI can't articulate all that you've done for me Will, Thanks =)
Big Perm
Started listening to Aiden 11 years ago. Got me through some rough times and I skated my ass off to their music. About to check out William Control. Thanks for the memories
I want to hug, William! I love you, Mr.Francis! Love, Dani!
William, I never had the pleasure of getting to see Aiden, but it has been a great pleasure to see you grow as an artist. For years, you guys were some of my favourite artists. I'm looking forward to whatever you put out in the future. Congrats man, and best of luck!
Dessie Mc Cabe
Great band going to miss them
One of the biggest regrets I have is not driving from Dallas to Arizona the day after the show at gas monkey got rained out. Although I was crushed that night in Dallas, I still couldn't thank you enough after your set you played for us in that shitty bar. I thanked you, and want to thank you again for being so full of character, and so humble, and so caring of your fans that you still played a few sad bastard songs for us, because you wouldn't let us go home empty handed. 10 years later I never got to see \
Ellise Clark
that moment when you see yourself in the audience, truely magical.
Emma Salmon
First rock band I ever saw live, back in January 2006. I'm so glad I got to be there for the final show. Thank you.
Jack Diller
This was beautiful.
Joey Hoffman
14:00 Did I just hear a Hell's Half Acre quote:?
Josh Covell
I still miss Aiden. \u003c/3 the MySpace days feel so far away now.
Keith Bedelyon
I met you in pittsburgh when i was 16 and you were super nice, and asked me what day it was. it was a Tuesday haha
Lee Stembrite
Beautiful, sweet interview..thanks Will.
Memento Mori
Watching this band for the 7 years I have and seeing it end almost feels like a good friend has passed away. Aiden has been there for me when no one else was and they've shown me that it's okay to think and dress the way I do. I never even got to see them live and it hurts because I'll never get that closure. At least I know that I'll always have the music to blast when I'm depressed and upset or excited and happy. RIP Aiden, I'll miss you guys dearly.
Papa Mikey
I'm gonna really miss Aiden :(
Pete Walton
thank you for everything
Rachel D.
I saw Aiden when I was 16 years old and it changed my life forever. I even named my son after the band. I will never forget. \u003c3
Reggae Mortis
Aiden as a band, meant so much to me growing up. To see it finally close it's final Chapter is such a weird feeling for me. As much as it saddens me, I can't help but feel excited for the future of William Control, and feel proud that I could contribute to this awesome part of his life. \n\nThank you Aiden, for the best fucking memories of my life! \n\nIt's In Our Heads \nIt's In Our Hearts \nThe World By Storm
Richard Rojas
I cried. 😭😭😭
Ronny de Ridder
Wow, I discovered William Control just a month ago and am now discovering he was Aiden
Sammy Savage
Almost 14 years ago I first heard Aiden. I saw them twice and it was honestly such an awesome experience to see you guys live and meet you. You guys have no idea how much you meant to me, I wouldn’t still be here without your music, so I am forever in your debt 💕
I love hope honest and raw this was. I really appreciated how he bared his soul here. Thank you. NEVER give up!!!
Id love to go back to 2003 to start this all over again.
Tori Reyes
Aiden forever.
adam crawford
still brings a tear to my eye thatsuch a hugh part of my life is over.was so amazing seeing you one last time and getting scream from the very pits of my love and soul\n\
kelsey knight
The fact I am in this is so humbling. Thank you, Wil. For everything.
My favorite band as a teen. I kind of looked up to Wil in a way. \nI hadn’t listened to Aiden in a while and and decided recently to and it feels weird. \n\nI still feel embarrassment for this one time I commented on myspace on a post from Nick asking him to tell Wil I said happy birthday but the internet acted up and like spam posted it. That sounds dumb to do anyway but I was a young teen, and like a young teen I had an “idol” and that was Wil for me.
We Sleep forever....\nAiden...