Dance Fitness "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias

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Adriana Duque Maraver
yeiii I like it! thanks for this videos!\n This song is better in Spanish!
I first started dancing on your videos at the end of March and I'm still loving it. I do it at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I've lost a lot of weight combined with a good diet and was thinking about joining a club here in France but this is far too exepensive where I live. I'm so happy to be able to exercice by watching your great videos so thank you so much Linda! :)
Catalina Moya
you are incredible! best work out videos and latin music. What an energy! Dancing with you from Bogotá- Colombia
Hjelpepleier1 Andreassen
beautiful Linda, beautiful song \u003c3
Life of Aimée
wow, watching you in Saudi Arabia - you girls - fantastic!!
Monica Andrrea
Omg,Linda this amazing!!Thank you for this awesome routine!!!You really inspired me to make my own zumba routines and also continue doing zumba no mater what!!
On a personal yet simple journey
you truly are the best! love all your videos soo much!
Pooja Ravikumar
This is amazing! Your videos are really helpful! Thank youu :D
Yoyo Trans
hi linda, I love your videos so much. It really helps me to keep in shape, and I would like you to try some Arabic songs. All love from Egypt \u003c3
One of my fave Zumba videos!
karishma patel
love love love your videos from canada \ this song too :)
Hi Linda! I love your videos, they really motivate me to workout everyday :D If by chance you take requests maybe one day you could look into \