Babyshambles The Blinding

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Sugarscape at Babyshambles gig. It was hot and Pete was rocking!For more go to

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what will you doooo...if she runs out of time for yoooou?...about kate moss maybe?...answers on postcards please and as for the song and performance,wot can i say?...excellent as usuall ! x
Christen Wright
This is, probably, my favorite live performance by Peter, EVER. He looks so well, and fit, and beautiful here! I could watch over and over again!
Eszter Baltimore
Peter is godlike! I love this gig. The Blinding is an awesome song ;D
Jon Hill
Great performance of a great song :)
The band always seems to look like the enjoy the heck out of playing this song - just like we enjoy hearing it! Love it!
marcuss hey
omg this is amazeing