DJ Masa - K-POP Till The World Ends (2011.1 Mashup)

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• Download this track: •It was about time for a new K-POP mashup extravaganza! DJ Masa is back with his mega-mashup series of K-POP hit songs of this year's first half. Re-listen to 40 of your favorite tracks of 2011 with this fresh audio & video experience, featuring your korean idols in a brand new track full of emotional & fun lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, subtitles are avaliable in 12 different languages - thanks to this wonderful sub team that collaborated! Can't wait to watch you dancing, singing or creating new videos using this song! If you're up to it, please share~Vocal & music video samples used in this mashup:에이핑크 (A Pink) - 몰라요 (I Don't Know)블락비 (Block B) - 그대로 멈춰라! (Freeze)동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)걸스데이 (Girl's Day) - 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)가희 (Kahi) - 돌아와 나쁜 너 (Come Back Bad Person)김형준 (Kim Hyung Jun) - Girl박정민 (Park Jung Min) - Not Alone포미닛 (4minute) -거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)레인보우 (Rainbow) - To Me (내게로..)승리 (Seungri) - 어쩌라고 (What Can I Do)시크릿 (Secret) - Shy Boy송지은 (Song Ji Eun) - 미친거니 (Going Crazy) feat. 방용국After School - ShampooB1A4 - OKBig Bang - Love SongBig Bang - TonightBrave Girls - 아나요 (Do You Know)CHI CHI - 장난치지마 (Don't Play Around)Clover - La Vida LocaCNBLUE - IntuitionDal Shabet - Pink Rocketf(x) - Danger (피노키오) - Black & WhiteJay Park - AbandonedMBLAQ - StayOrange Caramel - Bangkok CityRania - Dr. Feel GoodSISTAR19 - My BoySuper Junior M - 태완미 (Perfection)Teen Top - Supa LuvU-KISS - 0330UNTOUCHABLE - YOU YOUX-5 - 쇼하지마 (Don't Put On An Act)ZE:A - Here I AmVocal samples only:토니안 (Tony An) - Top Star휘성 (Wheesung) - 가슴 시린 이야기 (Words That Freeze My Heart)JQT - PeekABooInstrumental samples:After School - Let's Step UpBEAST - FictionBr1tney $pears - Till The World End$This mashup uses samples of copyrighted material and they're used for promotional purposes only. Not for sale.==========F.A.Q==========1) Why there's no Mr. Taxi, Take Off, Jet Coaster Love, etc, in this mashup?- Obviously because this is a K-POP mashup, and only korean releases are included.2) Why there's no Lonely, Hello, Midnight Circus, etc, in this mashup?- They'll be included in the next half mashup, because I finished the song before they were released (and they'll add more fun to the next mashup part as well)3) Artist X or Y released a song and him/her is not included. WAE?- 1) it was a digital single/endorsement song; 2) I could not filter their vocals to remix; 3) the song selection was carefully made in order to keep the lyrics flow and emotion. Song A or B cannot replace any line of my song. If your omgfavorite idol isn't present in this mashup, that's not because I don't like him/her... please keep the respect, I'm only doing this because I'm a K-POP fan just like you! And I love to promote K-POP in general: rookies, veterans, overrated and underrated artists. Peace!

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