Iggy Pop - Lust for life (Olympia)

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Iggy Pop (ex Stooges) interprets live one of his most successful songs at the Olympia Paris (lyrics below)Here comes Johnny Yen againWith the liquor and drugsAnd the flesh machineHe's gonna do another strip tease.Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion?I've been hurting since I've bought the gimmickAbout something called loveYeah, something called love.Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.Well, I'm just a modern guyOf course, I've had it in the ear before.I have a lust for lifecause of a lust for life.I'm worth a million in prizesWith my torture filmDrive a gtoWear a uniformAll on a government loan.I'm worth a million in prizesYeah, I'm through with sleeping on the sidewalkNo more beating my brainsNo more beating my brainsWith liquor and drugsWith liquor and drugs.Well, I'm just a modern guyOf course, Ive had it in my ear beforeWell, I've a lust for life (lust for life)cause of a lust for life (lust for life, oooo)I got a lust for life (oooo)Got a lust for life (oooo)Oh, a lust for life (oooo)Oh, a lust for life (oooo)A lust for life (oooo)I got a lust for life (oooo)Got a lust for life.Well, I'm just a modern guyOf course, Ive had it in my ear beforeWell, I've a lust for lifecause I've a lust for life.Here comes johnny yen againWith the liquor and drugsAnd the flesh machineHes gonna do another strip tease.Hey man, whered ya get that lotion?Your skin starts itching once you buy the gimmickAbout something called loveLove, love, loveWell, thats like hypnotizing chickens.Well, Im just a modern guyOf course, Ive had it in the ear beforeAnd Ive a lust for life (lust for life)cause Ive a lust for life (lust for life)Got a lust for lifeYeah, a lust for lifeI got a lust for lifeA lust for lifeGot a lust for lifeYeah a lust for lifeI got a lust for lifeLust for life...*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Iggy Pop - Lead Vocal / GuitarsWhitey Kirst - Lead GuitarCraig Pike - Bass GuitarLarry Mullins - DrumsLive at Olympia (Paris) extrait du DVD Kiss my bloodAvailable on :

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AdolfO MelgaR
Really original
Alejandro Esparza
sags better than most rappers
Armen Sarkisov
Calvin Pipher
no delores.. thats not the way it is or was. 
Cesar Vera
i like your style junkieIggy ..
Charlie Messing
Whoa. Glad he didn't fall on his ass earlier...
Charlie Ross
all i have ever wanted was for some random guitar player to change a great riff like the one on lust for life. i absolutely do not want him to have his hands chopped off for crimes against iggy.\n\n
No man, the roadie would have been proud
Connor Ferrand
Choose real music. Choose Iggy Pop.
he does have an amazing body ;)
G.C. Paquette
The one and only punk. He is and was the man.
Germán Caamaño
whitey kirst on guitar kick so much asses!, i like this heavier version of iggy with the fuck ups/the trolls because sounds so raw/powerful comparing with the studio versions
Gianni I
EPIC 05:16
Gregory Hubbs
William S. Burroughs, the best of the \
It's hard to believe that this was already 20 years ago!!
Iván Núñez
Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins. My fav performers.
Jack Williams
Oi guys check out that nobbish roadie at 0:11 snatches Iggy's guitar!
Jax lpic
That ending was pretty great, lol
Jose Jonini
i loveee youuuu iggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kim S.
Haha. Gotta just love Iggy!\u003c3
Larz Gustafsson
One of the best songs ever.
Luis Miguel
vivam as drogas . . . .
Marie Anne Hammink
j u s t i n disgustin'
Iggy on heroin is always extreme
Mohamed Khalil
Elated I uncovered this vid. Youtube is good for this kind of info.My step brother had been bullied. He stated he was going to get bigger. I did not believe him. Then in just a few weeks he gained 40lbs of genuine muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. No person dares to intimidate him these days. I personally registered a few days ago. And the guys emails are fucking great...
I never did really like that hardrockband that backed him in the '90s, but what a song, what a performer. Who does that nowadays? Even 20 years later he is still the most energetic person you ever gonna see on stage!
Philip Rich
I WAS THERE and IT WAS FUCKING GREAT and oh...4 justin bieber fans should be beaten to death
so stone and so crazy iggy i like your fuckin style\nyou dont give a fuck about anynthing on the stage
Ray Brouwer
he wsnt on drugs or anything that night
- Aerobic\n\n- Anaerobic\n\n- Iggy
S Bl
What are crazy mutha. He rocks!
Sofia Theodoropoulos
see him toss the mike stand in time with the symbol crash, holly shit!!!!!
He is High, High, High......fuck
Steven Allan
o rei do punk rock,,,,,pira yggy ........
Steven Pivornik
IGGY POP \n\nMay contain nudity, language, and sudden moments of chaotic flip outs.
I approve this R'n'R message, I approve the licked one concept ^^ Lust for life !! As you say in the '80s ^^
I honestly can't believe Iggy Pop has never released an exercise video. His moves clearly work!
ahahah... the man that takes the guitar from Iggy does it in a bad mood, fuck him! \nprobably he wasn't high, or as high as Iggy!
Timothy Lopez
what year is this from?
Vlack Valencia
I wanna be there with you! Getting fucked! And getting FUCKED UP!!! I hate this fucking world!!! But I'm on top of it, baby... Now let's get down!
Ha ha ha! He looks like my spaz brother! Chicks dig it man.
One of my favorite vids of this song. I do prefer the Stooges behind him over this band, as etha s remarks below, but I like his presence here, he's sober, and bonus that he's wearing underwear.
that was weird.
fuck yeh go iggy do ur thing man, keep rockin !
etha s
every song of these performances in olympia sounds wrong. not enough back beat, like they are in some wierd rush to git thru classics, and iggy pop is not on top of the beat because its flat. it doesnt have that rock n roll sound of the stoogees...the drummer is just mushed into the wierd riffs. sounds awful.
'i hate this fucking.....world.....but I'm on top of it baby.... PRICELESS!!!!!
genius mchaggis
lust for fucking life! love the iggy boy.
1:31 - i'm literally screaming unffffffff \nhow can someone be so hot???
is there a fucking justin bieber conspiracy or something? Why is this kid mentioned constantly all over you tube...OMG am I part the conspiracy!?!? YOU will never know. \n\nAt least you should know I've had it in my ear before...
mike tyson
this has got to be the best of iggy iv seen its just awsome
i love when iggy moving, he is the best frontmen, king of stage and icon of punk rock music
He is so jaded...he is capable of anything.....just watch......
@TheSunsetMadrid I noticed when the man took the guitar from Iggy with a bad attitude. That man was angry because he almost got hit by Iggy's guitar when Iggy swung his guitar. Look how the man had his hand extended to receive the guitar and he had to dodge Iggy's guitar at 0:04. Still, I love this performance. Iggy is a great performer.
Agreed. The band sucks right here. But somehow Iggy still gets over. \n\nI'm not sure what it is about him, but he is the living, breathing embodiment of rock n roll IMO. There have been other bands and artists that were more extreme, violent and unpredictable on stage. But Iggy's herky jerky dancing has some sort of hypnotic rhythm that transfixes you. Think about it. Have u seen anyone that has his style? Have you ever seen anybody dance like that? He is absolutely possessed on stage
sasse Brasse
@tatotura dc++
simone fontolan
re iguana
YES! Iggy! Yes!
Елена Иванова
ну незаю!!!!!!э но нравится неординарностью и революцией !
Чурин Константин