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Rocket Releasing presents writer-director Celine Sciamma's multiple award-winner TOMBOY, a truly contemporary coming of age story, scheduled to open in New York on November 16 followed by a national roll out. In Ms. Sciamma's ('Water Lilies") second feature, a French family with two daughters, 10-year-old Laure (Zoe Heran) and 6-year-old Jeanne (Malonn Levana), moves to a new neighborhood during the summer holidays. With her Jean Seberg haircut and tomboy ways, Laure is immediately mistaken for a boy by the local kids and decides to pass herself off as Mikael, a boy like the others but different enough to catch the attention of leader of the pack Lisa (Jeanne Disson) who becomes smitten with him. At home with her parents (Mathieu Demy and Sophie Cattani) and girlie younger sister she is Laure, while hanging out with her new pals and girlfriend, she is Mikael. Finding resourceful ways to hide her true self Laure takes advantage of her new identity as if the end of the summer would never reveal her unsettling secret. Celine Sciamma ("Water Lilies") brings a light and charming touch to this tale of childhood gender confusion, which is also about relationships between children, children and parents, and the even more complicated one between one's heart and body.

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0nly Angelo
This movie is amazing I've watched it 2 times
5,000 subscribers with no videos
R.I.P me it's not on Netflix
AA Productions
So, boy or girl? And did parents know?\nI feel like the trailer wasn't clear about that.\nEither that or I'm just slow.
Abderrezzak Alfrid
omg she took of her shirt
Agustina Lopsta
I watched the movie last nigth and I loved it BUT I must say I got confused. Mikael acted like a boy and clearly wanted to be one but at the end of the movie, when everyone knew she was a girl, she told her friend that her real name was Laure and it seems like she was going to act like a girl again. She identifies herself as one.
Alicia Rodriquez
Roses are red \nViolets are Blue\nThe title is in english\nThe film should be too
Alwina Gene Santos me
In Philippines tomboy means Lesbian
So many people think she’s trans. If you’re one of those people are you unable to understand the entire concept of the movie? As a female that was a huge tomboy in the past I would wear boys clothing, I’d even go round with my shirt off (before puberty) and I was misgendered multiple times, some of the times I didn’t even correct the people that misgendered me and this was because it was such a drag to always explain that I was a girl. Kinda similar to the protagonist in this movie, although what happened to her definitely didn’t happen to me. I used to like all the things that were stereotypically male and thought I was really cool and wanted to impress the boys so that they’d let me hang out with them and I even cut out certain words from my vocabulary because I believed they were girly words. However, throughout that entire time it never came to me that I may be a boy, I was completely sure of my gender and even felt discomfort when people called me a boy. You CAN be a girl and be extremely tomboyish and not be transgender, it CAN be a phase. People that are assuming that she’s trans are just brainwashed with the idea that just because someone acts like the opposite sex to them it means that they’re trans. Kinda sad really considering I watched this movie years ago in class and no one thought for a second that she was trans but now the world is just so gender orientated that gender is always an issue.
Apolline Leroux
Ooooooh ! Ça a l’air trop bien !
Ariel Barreiro
Im a Tomboy
Austin Puma
The Main character reminds me of Haruhi from Ouran Highschool Host club.
Axwell Faded
I Have Look This Movie Subtitulade for the spanish i need help.
Baka Pomme
j'adore ce film *^*
Great movie, like water lilies (Naissance des pieuvres). :D
Bob Molo
where can i find the song in 1:30 without any vocal sound?
Bulgarian Gang
Im tomboy and even tho I have long hair (well not so long ,only to my shoulders) people still mistake me for a boy...but I don't really mind. I can't wait to watch the movie
Cassie Winchester
I'm a tomboy and it's so weird when people automatically assume I'm gay. Like wtf? I'm straight as hell. Who came up with that generalization?
I saw this at school today ;/
Who else thinks the girl looks like Tatum O'Neal or \
Charry Salce
Watched this twice and Jeanne is so cute
Cj Bautista
i wish there's a part 2
Cmonkey 317
I identify as an attack chopper.
Diana Mensone
Why French for all the God damn languages?!
Elle Stott
He- SHE actually looks like a boy
EpicShadow_ Girl24
I'm a tomboy and I'm glad ;)
I'm so confused by all of you, people. Everyone hates on labels but then again everyone use them.\n\nI was a tomboy nearly my whole childhood and occasionally I still enjoy it. I'd always connected better with boys on a playground. You just started playing sports or whatever. It's easier really. And girls can be quite b**chy, by the way. So I totally understand why Laure had gone with it. I can see myself doing the same in her position, if I had a courage to pretend. Why should she be transgender just because of this? Like I said....everyone nowdays likes to search for labels and for difficult reasons. But things can have simple explanations sometimes :-)
Galaxy Glitter
People are saying she's transgender. I do not believe this is true. At the end of the movie she identifies herself as a Laure . She only said she's a boy because the boy's she became friend's with assumed she was a boy. She was the new kid and would do anything to fit in. Even pretend she's a boy.
Give me some noodles
Im a tomboy, but it Will be hard if she hits puberty because then you look more as a girl:(
i saw this film 2 years ago but have never seen the trailer until now. i gotta say the trailer itself looked amazing. it really did justice to the film.
Gābbīē W
Are they transgender? That’s not what a tomboy is.
I have no life
When the captions came on I was saying(sarcastically) No
Jean Pierre Zutter
Tomboy est avant tout un film sur la perception du genre.\nComme le mentionne ALLOCINE dans son article sur ce film, c'est le regard de l'autre qui décide de ce qu'on est.Celà questionne le regard du spectateur de la même manière que celà questionne le regard de Lisa qui pense que Michael est réellement un garçon !!
Jjanyangie Bae
guys she is transgender.. why would she want to have a boyish room and want to act like a boy if she is a tomboy.. a tomboy is a girl who looks like boys but doesn't have a feeling of being a real boy.. the title is wrong but I get that they might name it that cause kids this age might not know what transgender is..
Journey The Weirdo
That's more of being transgender in my opinion
why is this movie called tomboy its not about a tomboy
Kaci Christensen
Kaneki Ken
I like this drama
Klaudia Kacina
Low-key mini Avicii
Lil. Diva
im a tomboy
Lilly Hampton
I don’t get it. Wait is that a girl or a boy I really don’t get the movie
Little Novak
Just before this i got an ad about homophobia
Luna Walker
I can’t find the movie help me
Madi Slater
A tomboy is usually straight this girl is trans, a tomboy is just a girl who generally is involved in activities associated more commonly in boys/males
MagestivCasaba J
This tomboy stuff her passing as a guy and looking like one this us just gross who made u man and woman gosh.
Es tan tierna esta pelicula me ha facinado la tematica y lo que refleja.
MariaXzaphorah Vhaleriahluna
in my country philippines tomboy means lesbian
Mariah Austin
Marie-Pierre Thériault
Il n'y a personne qui parle Français ici???
Matilde Samagaio
I saw the movie and, in my opinion, she is indeed a tomboy, once she just gets mistaken by a boy and starts to act like one. She doesn' t introduce herself initially as a boy, only after the other kids mistake her for one. As a tomboy myself, if when I was younger somebody mistaked me for a boy, I would probably had gone throught with it, cause it is exciting to keep a secret like that. In her case I think she didn't tell them the truth because she was already starting to be a part of the group and making friends.
Monika Kašparová
That Was so cute and full of emotions I love it!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌈🤞🤞🤞
I was confused at first but this is the description of the movie: \n\nPosing as a boy with the kids in her new community, ten-year-old Laure enjoys playing about as a lad, despite the challenges this sometimes presents. However, the truth cannot remain hidden and the games have to end.
N. J. Saroff
if you know the movie story then the ending is pretty good to have the kid wants to be accepted so they dress like a boy, because boys have more fun and dont allow girls to participate in the the end the character does introduce themselves as a girl though.
Nathalia Monroy
Most likely more transgender than tomboy
Ok Ok
Wow im a tomboy myself...
R. E. Brown
I watched this movie on hulu a couple of weeks ago, and thought it was a really good movie.
The movie is called tomboy not transgender so there is your answer
SN - Old channel
*Tomboy* is a girl who act boyish and like boyish thing. They dosen't feel like a boy, they are girls. Boyish girls.\n*Transexual FTM* is people who is born in female body, but is male. \nSo when I see the trailer, It's looks like the kid is transexual, and not a tomboy. I hasn't watched the movie, but I want to watch it.
Selim Kahraman
aujoud'hui avec ma classe chui partie au cinema et j'ai vue cette flime :p
Shannon C
where can i watch this movie for free
Streetkid Industries
I remember seeing this awhile ago and it was very good. I'd forgotten about this one. Definitely going to see it again. I guess I'll always fall into the Tomboy category . Still ride BMX, still love my air time, still love my hair in a hot red plait, never leave home without my ColourStay Red Wine lipstick . . . I wore a white dress a few times but it ended up getting ripped on the back of my seat when I went to jump a kerb lol
Summer Girl
Why is everyone hating tomboys I mean I am tomboy
The last scene in the woods was so horrible. Damn kids.. And the film didn't have a very satisfying end either. Aesthetically it was, cutting out after \
Tahiti BOB
I can tell that all the people saying the title is wrong and saying he is a transgender did not actually watch this film. The woman who directed this has made two other films that explore gender and sexual fluidity. When I was a kid, I was a tomboy, and I remember for a moment that I thought I was about because all the kids at school would say I was one. When your a kid, your unsure of who you are. Mikeal didn't start doing things like making a fake penis until she came in contact with the boys. He even felt confused when he was kissed by a girl. This movie is suppose to look into the difference between being a tomboy and being a transgender. Mikeal isn't a TOMBOY, but it's still open to other interpretations.
This Is Who I Am
Somebody said that she/he is a kind of transgender; But have you not heard/encounter the word \
Tia Is Okay
Will anyone please tell me the name of this song.
Trans, not Tomboy. Big difference. Learn it before you make a whole movie named the wrong thing.
Venesha Campos
I have a crush on him
Transgender....not tomboy.. \u003e.\u003c oh my, they named the movie wrong. It shouldn't be called tomboy if the main character isn't a girl (he's a trans*boy)
Wes Riley
Can we please not invalidate Mikael's decision to identify as male by saying that he was \
Zoë DiAngelo
I've watched this movie with my class, when I was like 10 years old. And it kind of marked me, as the thing I remember the most is how every kid of my school was making fun of it, saying how strange it is... and how the teachers just literally avoided the subject. It was in 2011, so I guess things weren't the same (I'm french btw) but I remember how different I felt from the others. So now I'm watching this trailer again, and I'm 17 now, and I feel so much better. Now I know I'm not the one who must feel bad for being different. It's okay. But honestly, if there are any parents or teachers or any kind of person who's reading this and plans to/has watched this with kids... Please, take a moment to explain them how normal it is. Because it's marked me for a long time, and I don't want anyone else to feel this kind of pain.
In my opinion Laure is a girl who likes playing with boys, dressed kinda like them because she had more afinity with them, shes like part of that type of band (like a bunch of girl in the world). Actually when she met Lisa who speaks first and call him the \
cembra .m
The topic is the desire for social acceptance, even while living under a false impression, and NOT transgender issues. Children want to be accepted by their peers and as Laure, she would have found herself having fewer interactions with the neighborhood kids than she did as Mikael. Being Mikael allowed her the luxury of not being told what she could and could not do. I wasn't so much of a tomboy as a child, nor am I homosexual or transgender now, but as a pre-teen, I WAS mistaken for a boy on numerous occasions based on my looks. And there were times that I rode with that, not correcting anyone, just so that I could go about my day playing and having fun and not being pigeonholed into the \
eric montes
She looks trans
evelyn y
Reminds me of Brad and Angie's kid
hat alrazy
What name this movie
Céline Sciamma one of the best indipendent directors
isabella font-frias
This was made the year after my birth
jeon fon
it should be TRANSGENDER not TOMBOY. i've watched the movie 2yrs ago and It felt like watching a documentary of a trans kid. If you knew the difference between the two you will probably noticed it. just sayin. 👌✌️
jisel garcia
You all are missing the point that she still kissed lisa after the first time they kissed.
kairu dahek
khispano atlántico
lOfficia sarachanal
First I want know this artist are girl? \nAnd the second thing \nIwant watch it but where I will found it?\n-\nAnd the third thing(=\nI'm not first one watch this on 2015(: rite ?
liiz Love
Just because you're a tomboy that does not mean you're gay
lu hernandez
@Layla Morris She is a TOMBOY, not a trasgender, ok?
maxima gertrude olga
nia omanashvili
Does this have a sad ending?
that is a trangender not just a tomboy lol
Guys! I watched the movie before and believe me SHE is not a transgender. Everyone just mistook her for a boy, and she was confused, the first part of the movie (in my perspective) She was dressed as a girl. But she had a new haircut that everyone could easily mistake her as a boy. When she introduced herself she didnt say her gender, only her name. The other kids started to play with her and get close with her, so she got confused and thought that if she was a boy they would accept her.
im a tomboy
sana Foziaahmed44
I am going to the cinema to see this film with class 🤗🤗
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