[email protected] Pro Nobis Lucifer-Inferno-Live at Brutal Assault 2018 (Drum Cam)

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Behemoth-live in Brutal Assault 2018 open air Festival. Jaroměř-Czech Republic 10.08.2018BAND: BehemothDRUMMER: InfernoTRACK: Ora Pro Nobis LuciferPHOTO: www.kotylak.p/blogMORE INFO:

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He is back!
Anal Acrobats
Damn their music sounds garbage lol
Angel gabriel Moyano
The best
Ankit Singh
He is underated!
Antonio TF
I feel bad for whoever received that drumstick he held in his buttcrack
Is he always grumpy because he’s got a stick up his ass??
Camilo Moya Official YouTube Channel
He's a funny rude guy, many tension right there, cool drummer
Chris Austin
I think these guys are devil worshipers....
Demonator \\m/
Den Svarte Metallkatten
Count the time he does 16th, over 3 minutes! What a beast!
Can’t wait to see them in the city on the 23rd
so sad, always the same songs captured on videos :/ no slaves shall serve, no conquer all, no fast songs :/
Eddie Hellgren
Killer song but I really miss the technical Behemoth from Demigod and The Apostasy!
Ginger Floof
The man in Black fled across the stage, and the Drumslinger followed.
Jasper van Minnen
Alltime great
Jesse Bowles
His feet look like type writers.... 1234 CHING 1234 CHING
Jo K. Kats
Am I the only that thinks the they sound better live than the official recordings??
José Augusto dos Santos
Julien Vermeer
Even though this is quite a simple song Inferno still manages to write a cool drum part to go with it. Especially the breakdown has a really heavy groove to it. Another flawless performance by this man
Marin Pjanić
What camera?
Nmn Mnm
I don't like behemoth for the sake of nonmusical things although they are awesome!
Palak Parekh
Plz shoot some faster songs.
Prank Shop
Ora pro nobis inferno!
Robby Hotchkiss
He plays in biker boots,too. Awesome!!!!
Samael A
Inferno is a beast! As always perfection with your drum cam videos! Thank you Drummers from hell!
Santos L Halper
Liked. Then viewed
I'm a simply guy, I see Inferno and I click.
Damn those pedals
Thiago Henrique
Trevor Theisen
I'm just saying those pedals look amazing in red.
Tushar Sairam
Inferno is the only reason why I come back to Behemoth
Woobuz Drummer
Zbychu ma piękne to Czarcie. Sam bym takie przygarnął ;p
Did the ride accents at 0:54 sound off to anyone?
alessandro vinci
How to absolutely not play bassdrum
I so much don't like this song...
hector leyva
The coolest thing about this video is he is playing with biker boots is so cool.
what are doooose
Nothing off the new album? :/
Holy Pedals
Well, of course I watch it because it's Inferno. If it was some stuff off certain other albums, I probably would be transfixed on the drumming alone rather than wondering, \