Having maid is Every mans dream

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Hey everyone i hope you all having a great dayAnime name is : Infinite stratosMy Friend is teaching video effects and photo editing tutorialson his channel kindly visit and show him some love by subscribing himHis channel link : ??Disclaimer IMPORTANT?? This is purely FANMADE Music video. Credit goes to its rightful owners. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.??If the owner of the anime or of the song, want me to delete this video ??he can send me a message and I will delete it immediately.

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Ah’mier Wilson
I can’t delete my history why!? I’m a goner 😭😭👍
Albin Gaming
I miss this ep and seasons I need season 3 so bad XD
*I need a maid for clean my story.*
Andriy Lapchuk
Ash _unicorn
Wait did he pick Charlotte?
Asmet Adrijana
Can I have name of this anime pls?
Ayako Askew
Me :Well l guess l need to clean my history \nFBI: open up\nMe: dangit there fast
BLANK Unknown
the heck every night really???...
Bart Dee
Who ever watch this is a perv like me
Blink Is A Toxic Fandom And Full Of Jealousy
Probably u should change the title. \
Chousour aNime
He is such a hentai.
Chris Weber
God of hentai xD
Dutchgirl Savedbygrace
☆YOU☆Are Sooooooooo Brilliantly TALENTED My FRIEND \u003c3\u003c3\u003c3 8;)\n& I LOVE YOU SO!!!!!! YEP...Thats what I'm talking about💆💃💋 🔥🌞🌙💧👿💆👥💘\n☆You☆ Always seem to Cheer ME UP RIGHT ON TIME ×××....All the thoughtful Words that YOU used mean THE WORLD TO MEEEEEE\n☆Some Men☆\n {Like Yourself😉}...\nActually Listen to their Partners👥...& Know what will RESINATE & Make Perfect Since 2 their Other Half...\nKEEP IT UP..LOL..😉😆\nHahahaha...Did I just Say that Out Loud?😄\nHurry Home🏡 2 Me♧
I need a maid to clean my browser history...
Gacha Goth
Welp the FBI is coming
Gesliton De Paula
Não gostei
This is a special episode or something else It doesn't show up in the usual Anime.
Goblin Slayer
*FBI OPEN UP !!!!!!* ... oh \n\n\n\n\n\n\nDamn it someone stole the meme.
Haegan Weber
I like how he gets excited like that when he hears her say “Do It Every Night”\n\nIt’s amazing how the male’s brain functions now days, am I right? 😂
Haxy Go
time to clear my browser history
Here lies Oikawa’s hopes and dreams
*I C A N R E L A T E T O T H I S O N S P I R I T U A L L E V E L S*
Iron Wolverine Sports
Just came to spread the word of Jesus Christ
Jasude Patterson
What's the name of this anime
Jeste Nobody
Came here to look at anime fluff but this is legit terrifying. I mean, he's enslaved this girl, molests her, has brainwashed her into complacency and she's being forced to marry her captor and be raped by him every night ...yikes.
Joselito Felipe
Vcs são locos as crianças ponde ver isso pequenas😠😠😠😠
Kanayo Imo
the bible app is free
Karthik Iyer
Charlotte really is the best out of all the girls...
Kiên Lê
yes police this is the video.
Lord Malik MGTOW
I dont want a wife, i want a slave
MalleablePower Zestiria
Margaret Batson
I agree ! Men like women to cook and clean for them. I think its every man's dream. The man has it made in the shade when he gets home from work all he's got to do is sit back and relax. Men don't let this be to only keep the women your with around, keep her around because you love her not for being your maid around the house and also just for sex.
Hold up... they'll do what every night when they get married!? 😳
Mhoadiev de la Paz
I want a hot maid now😎
Minalwaqas Minalwaqas
What the hell\nI was watching prom videos ..how did I end up here\n\nWhy is youtube suggesting me this ewwww
Minty the movie Maker
here comes the FBI
Moonlight Night
What episode is this?!?
Msp Star
Time to clear my history \n\n*wipes out history*\n\n*watches vid again*\n\nDangit,now I have to clear it again
NOOR AL Iraqia
What is the nome of this Anime
What Anime Is This?
No Mam
Why do maids in anime always have to wear *uniform like that* AT LEAST PUT SHORTS ON UNDER THAT SKIRT GOD LEEEEEEEEEEE
Obito Uchiha
If he really was like that...
OhmkunG Anime
What anime name is?
P a d o r u
H-h-he’s not dense?\n\n*WHAT HAS THE WORLD BECOME?*
I just realize this came out on my birthday when I turned 13. BIRTHDAY PRESENT!?
I swear the moment I saw the thumbnail I thought he was gonna pull some 13 reasons why shit
Random not Tuber
Y'all need jesus in yo life
Resean Washington
Me: where do I sigh up\nMom: what are you watching sweetie \nMe: nothing special 😅😅😅😅\nMom: BOY WHAT DID I TEEL YOU\nFBI: *bangs on door* open up\nMom: *runs away* your on your own I didn't think they would come this quickly \nMe: but I'm only 12 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I just wanna be a man\nTHE END
Rinku Shah
Please tell me What is name of this drama? 😇😇
Sarah Misanthropist XVII
Name of this Anime please?
Sarita Play
¡Español alguien!😧¡POR FAVOR! ¡😥ZOCORRO! 😭
Sergio Bocanegra
I understand why she is populer.\nIt's because charlotte and Ichika have a friendship that is very relatable for most people.\nMany of the best couples start out as friends
You’re now on the FBI watchlist.\nHow may I help you?
Simon Carlile
If Ichika had been like this for the main anime...it probably would have been one of my favorite series ever.
Sleepy Eric
Nope not my dream im scared of girls
Spider-Plant Man
Why anime girls keeps shouting ??
Squalington Constantine
Charlotte was always my favorite. She never seemed as clingy as all the other girls. She just wants Ichika to be happy. \nDunno how the tsundere got to him.
Summer Shimmer
I need to hide the evidence before the FBI come.
SuperDumBakaPotato NoobMeme
aw it's cute
TaeTae Curry
The shape of his face.... Erm.
Thaat 1 Guyy
This made me hope for a season 3 again
The Legend 27
_lol that's a guy_
Void Zone
From what episode is this?
Voodooozo 37
I See that there isnt any FBI in his country. Sweet freedom!
Winn/lexi It’s free real estate
What anime was this
Zee A
Every sad unsocial nerd's dream XD HAHAHAHA
Zeno :D
Is this Hentai?
anime dragon64
I agree with the title
anime steiner
1:00 I’m here for the anime just the plot nothing else right right 👀
antonio alfaro
oh shit. she said something WAAAY TO FAR.
What episode and season is this?
christian youtubeian
Yeah i dont want to clean my room either
epicgalxywolf :3
giorgio stegher
After the final cut with Charlotte Ichika said something else...\
ii Mystic ii
**reads title**\nMe: This seems noice.\n\n**Looks at thumbnail**\n\nMe: OH HELL YEAH! HE'S GONNA GET SLAPPED RIGHT!?\n\n**watches video with no one getting slapped** \n\nMe:..... **All around me are familiar faces..**
im a Crepe
Oh my..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIRENE
infamous 90
just a regular weirdo
Not really...I had a maid that was like 60 yrs and she once slipped and broke an arm...she never came back at us lmao
just fun
Hentaizone.me/archives/video more hentai video
kazama kenji
Fak i really miss charlotte she is the best girl and she is so cute af🤗
kevin Alejandro MorenoSandoval
kid curios
Age 14; Height 5.6 lbs 102 FBI OPEN UP
kiki vien
I see the dude is a pervert
so much fan service
I would like to have a male maid
peat blackman
What is that anime/hentai
rendy ninja
Oopppppaaaaaaiiii (-* _-*)
sArA clonel
sad girl626
Wtf is my brother watch this
sailor chibi poop
When anime goes to far with the naughty pantsu
thammabhai thammabhai
Whoever is reading this then ur a perv...
weaponized kitten
His chin is such a fat mood 1:05
xXNetherHostXx-MLG games and more! 8288
should i insert a lenny face