Heartbreaker Will.I.Am (Ft.Cheryl Cole) With Lyrics

Heartbreaker by Will.I.Am (Ft.Cheryl Cole) With Lyrics The Song is Realesed On The 5th May 2008

Heartbreaker Lyrics Will.I.Am

@ICantBeFaged It's 2012 fucking retard
it's actually thanx to this song that i know who cheryl cole is. i honestly had never heard of her in america until i heard this song. then i looked her up and saw she is a judge on x factor,and I was surprised she's not really well known in america at all, but she's very well known in the uk
Afiq Anuary
to \
Ani Naderi
i love this song \r\n:]
Arii Butera
Aslı Ayşe Kitapçı
Ayah Dialino
thumbs up if your listening to this in 2013
Baylee SW
There's a version without her on iTunes c:
Becca H
You're a heart breaker*
2012 and nearly 2013 xD
Caitlin x
Claudia Narciso
listening in 2012 thumbs up
yup i just time travelled one year back to listen to this song
Cynthia Dennis
I'm felling in love with this music.
DeluxeDJs Dublin It's your night
2008...great year for music
DevBrand Productions
thumbs up if you'll listen to this any year
Diana Trần
No I didn't break any heart! @[email protected]
@thekathyloi no.
Emily BlackBoulding
thumbs up if you are listening to this in 2013
Fazer Scherzy
fucking curr?????
Gabriel Ribeiro
Thumbs up if Wild Child brought you here
Happy Panda
actually its 16 times...8 times say the will i am and 8 others say the Cheryl...thats the truth u cant count 'em !!!
@lemondrop524 Exactly my situation :/
Thumbs up if you listen to this is 2013, even though it's not 2013.. But like you will be listening to it, if we don't die on the 21st. :)
Ivona Jelačić
thumbs up if you came here to enjoy the music
Jana Burnham
Jessica Loi
g dragon's heartbreaker is 100 times better than will i.am's heartbreaker
So you couldn't spell what he was saying from 2:48 to 3:00. To bad. i've been trying to find out what it was he was saying thanks for nothing.
Kai Deschain
the spellings of the top comments amaze me
Kyoto #Mixed SQUAD
cheryl cole ruined this song.
Lia Aldrin
No. I'm watching this in 1985 while fixing my DeLorean! \n\nAh. Hate those comments.. -.-
you mean 2013 ;)
Maria M
LOVE CHERYL COLE SO MUCH \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Marina Damji
Love this song \u003c33 Will.I.Am Rocks (;
Masiphula Sphiwe
I break her heart in 30sec flat
MrMan Black
U mean in 2013 LOL ,,,,,,,,ME!
Nathalie Kloet
super leuk!\r\nwie is hier allemaal Nederlands? ;d
Nguyễn Thị Thúy Giang
I even listen to this in 2012, hahaa
Norjannah Haji Muhammad Bokhari
im a heartbreaker =.=\
Ramon Freeman
Cheryl cole is pakistani origin by descent, her ancestors are from islamabad....... she never wants to divulge this fact for some reason???????
Sam Chee
I'm so ssss sorry :(
love this song but it's edited
Sara watchmaker
didn't mean to break ya heart...
@MegaStalker90 im listening this in 4596.
ScaRlet - Rigtje Hommes
I know this from the movie 'Wild Child'. I freaking love that movie! This beat is pretty good. :)
@sk8donoth8 it's 2012 idiot
Sophy S
i was watching valentines day and heard this song
Tammi R
this song is hellaa catchy, LOL.
Wild Child Soundtrackkkkk
Tina Sio
yeeeeee. gun lyics.
Tom Kinman
ilove thiss sonngg it could be beta if it was longerr god cheyrl is well fit man
Vivian Nguyen
this is old song
Yanna Hatzipemou
2018 And still dancing and listening to it
Zam W
Zara Zusuf
alan dalton
2017 this song is nearly 9 years old let it sink in!
angel ghaemi
I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG!!!!!!\ni heard it in valentines day the movie when eric dane runs topless luv it!
im s-s-s-s-sorry im s-s-s-s-sorry i didnt mean to break your heart i didnt mean to b-b-bb-b-break baby kl lmfao lol
caroline meadows
haha this song is the BOMB :)\r\nme n my besties done a dance to this:)
clint heckman
No we are clearly watching this in 200 B.C on our iStones.....
korado aliaj
@ICantBeFaged try 2012 :P\n
nicole rodriguez
it almost makes yu not feel so bad about being a heart breaker
thumbs up if your listening to this in 2012
\nI like the version withOUT Cheryl Cole better. She ruins the song, makes it less briliant and little cheap..
like it :)
sinead duffy
This song is about my ex :(
sultan alotaibi
* you're
uwais al syaqiq
song for homo
15 ppl are broken heart heheeh,... get over it and live you life,.... :)
victoria skeggs
thumbs up if your listening to this in 2011
I love this song It must be the best song EVER!\n\u003c3\n:D
Ника Рахманова