Cosma - Non Stop [Full Album]

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Antoni Grinberg
Thank you ‘for letting you come in ,and do good things for alliance .....🙏
Astrix Official
Good music never dies ❤
Thank you Cosma.
Blue Waves
I wonder who claimed his computer and hard drives after the accident back then, he must've been working on something that never got out brate
Blues Rock
Прекрасные люди с \
Chr. Janssen
R.I.P. Bro ♥
Cipi SixZeroFour
For who doesn't know, he created something totally new, and it was good
Eduardo Ruiz
Definitivamente la música que marcó mi adolescencia... El mejor viaje.... Cosma..!
El Duke
The Best Album Ever ..
Eli revivo
Fagner Medeiros
avant-garde album!
Jameson Silva
Incrível. Eu tinha esse albúm em cd original...saudades do eterno Cosma. Partiu tão Jovem, mas deixou sua essência psicodélica.
John Alektoridis
r ip cosma..we love you!!
Kelvin Niphilim666
link? rar
Lord Uhtred
The Time has come & People on hold are my 2 fav-tracks :D
Luis Moura
RIP :(
Sorry but that's the best Goa Dj. Emotional and party at the same time. In music, you can dive into a world without drugs\nRIP :(
Matias Alvarez de Lara
Hi, for sure Avi, gives to all planets one of the highest level...This can modulate our dimension. If we look the universal Stroy, there is full of young MAsters of Wizzards, Died to young...The system don't want humans who can open our minds, and accelarate to evolute for better world.....Is the End of Kali-Yuga...Thanks Avi..and thousands sacrifice like you...SAITAM
Michael Garcia
Perfect example that one can transcend time/space even after physical death trough good actions, thoughts, art and in this case amazing music. Avihen is alive and COSMA is why. Forever Rest In Trance cosmic brother!
Norberto Nicolas
Melhor que eu esperava, foi um gênio mesmo pois as produções dele parecem de hoje em dia, sensacional.Quem são os dementes que descurtiram ¬.¬
Never to be forgotten Avihen.... R.I.P
Pedro César
what an epic album!
Philip Raider
Isra-trance honestly peaked with this album. Nothing have been as great since.
Prabal Pandey
One of the best music album ever made in electronic music history.
again and again i can listen to his music .............
Ricardo Nazaretrh
saudades eternas ...
Ricardo Ramirez
epicooo en verdad que tal evolucionado estaba este señor grandes temas quedan a la historia
Rostislav Bycek
Hm its not Vladimir Cosma, but as techno bacground music, its great!
Samanta Medeiros
Winston Nolan
so far ahead of his time, his music is timeless!
YT Account
This album is great. Better than Simplicity.
Yacoubi Oussama
rip homey one of the best djs that i met in morocco LEMON 😎😎😎😎
anderson felipe
mestre 👽
Are you the only one allowed to post a full album of Cosma?
Proper basslines too......
jesus GOnzelez
R i p cosma old school
john baptist
jose daniel castro
Cosma padrino!
oren venom
אחד האמנים אלבום נדיר. r.I.p
sodus tinakisfo
cosma you are the best even now..!!!
Андрей Милюдин
Boundless in flight...
This music really stands out with its emotional and philosophic depth. I will trade a Kanye West and a Justin Bieber for one more album from Cosma. Where do i bring them for the trade-in?
איציק אטיאס
לא נשכח אותך קוסמה
חדד hadad
דבר נדיר
יניב מרגוליס
miss you cosma😢
עופר לוי היה מלך ונשאר מלך לוגסי
אין מילים בפי . להביע את תדהמתי... ענק!
ראובן גלי
The album that will never die. \nCosma r.i.p