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'The Willow Maid' - original song © 2009 Erutan/Kate CovingtonFrom my debut album, "Raindancer"Song inspired by the tree sprites of Celtic Mythology ~ Hello guys! I've decided its time to release the songs from my original album, 'Raindancer', onto youtube for all my subs that never got to hear them. This means you guys can upload it too with your own videos if you like! Trying to generate buzz for album #2! The video took a couple days - I did all the line art and filled in with textures from cool cats on deviantart (will get lists and links up as soon as I can) to create a moving collage effect.(Sorry for nothing new lately - I developed vocal cord nodes from a hectic singing schedule this Spring, and am under doctor's orders to rest my voice for a few months. The good news is that I was able to record some extremely awesome things that I should be able to release in the next few months)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DOWNLOADS and CDs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you would like to support my music and purchase 'The Willow Maid' any of the songs from my album, 'Raindancer', in mp3, FLAC, or physical CD format, please try the links below! Any support is deeply appreciated! ;_;iTunes: (for Apple mp3)

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Agatha Turpin
I always imagine at the end of the song, when the flower blooms. The background fades away to reveal that a man's hand is holding it. He then hands it to a little girl with red hair and green eyes, who places it on a stone in front of a tree stump.\nThe little girl hugs her father and they stand there looking at the stone.\nThe camera focus's on the stone where it says\n*Here Lies the Willow Maid*\n*She will now forever belong to the forest*
He was not a very clever guy. He did not assume the girl could be a dryad. Beautiful song by the way.
Alma Chroma
Will you marry me?\nI'd rather die\n*takes her by force\n*dies
Amara Grace
What this is trying to convey, I think,\nIs that some things aren’t meant to be and no matter what you try to do, \nSome things are, ultimately unattainable.
Angela Almonte5
Guy-teacher\nThe willow tree-my phone\nWillow maiden-me
I just heard it for the first time....I'm SOOO gonna kame fan art \u003c3
love this song, although this makes me think... what if there was a prequel? \nimagine... a young man comes to the forest, and falls in love with a fair maiden, but when she says she cannot leave, he returns home, bids his family farewell and returns to be her groom, becoming a man of the forest himself. some years later there's a young child playing in the willow, a beautiful little girl with fire red hair. the family is happy together within the forest. then the mother passes of age, so the father raises her alone. When her father's time finally comes, he bids her to never leave the forest, and that when her groom comes, to not follow where he leads, for if he truly loves her, he should be willing to leave his world behind and become one with her and the forest... she agrees.\nbut when her groom finally comes, he is not a patient as her dear father, and he tries to take her by force...
Atlas Antarct
“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.\r\n Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.\r\n\n So if you love a flower, let it be.\r\n\n Love is not about possession.\r\n Love is about appreciation.”
Azzilaya Titan
Absolutely beautiful! But uh.... this story is fucked up. So he hears a singing a girl, he says “wow she sings pretty, I must have her as my wife” she refuses. He gets pissed cuts her tree down (her life force he doesn’t know it’s her life force) then says “you don’t have a home so you have to come with me) then she dies and becomes a flower cause she has no tree. Then he cannot pick the flower cause he can’t take from the forest. Does that even make sense tho? If he can’t take from the forest then why’d he kill some of it? I’m sure it would rather be robbed than murdered😂😂😂 anyway GREAT song! A lil morbid! But I love Celtic folklore or whatever this is anyway!!!
BeastKonoha World
I'm fascinated that in this animation flower was in yellow colour. I'm not sure how in other countries is, but in my you should not giving someone a yellow flower. Because this colour means hidden bad intentions, envy and sometimes even anger. It's just... too perfect for being only coincidence O.o
Bianca Gabor
Was she a dryad?
Bill Cop
Am I the only one or is this young man a prime example of a „nice guy“?\nHe complements a beautiful girl and gives her flowers, but when she rejects him he gets enraged cutting down her tree and forcing her to come with him.
Bio Livbanon
A princess walked through the forest\nWith spendor and silken gown\nWhen suddenly a man appeared before her\nEyes as green as the forest and on his head a leafy crown\n\nThe princess took chance on the stranger \nand pleaded \
Bonjour Peoples
Ok, everyone is saying that he should have moved in with her so she didn't have to leave but I have two arguments with that:\n1. Wouldn't that take lives of other trees and make her hate him more because he's destroying a part of her home/birthplace. . . ? \n2. Hasn't anyone heard the phrase \
Bounty The quicker picker upper
2:33\n\n I could never take this lone seriously, I just can't
Breanna Smith playz
Love the singing tho he’s kinda dumb she thought she was a normal maiden
Clarence Allen
Why didn't she just tell him why she couldn't leave? He probibly could have just decided to build a home in the forest allowing them to get married. She never said she hated him she only told him no due to her issue of being bound to the tree.
Corinne Eaglebridge
Several lessons can be learned from this song:\n\n- *don't try to force love.*\nThe man tried to force love by taking the maiden with him, even when she said she would never marry him, and it turned out bad.\n- *some things or people are supposed to be free, do not try to change that.*\nBy taking the maiden with him, he killed her. She was not supposed to be taken away.\n- *don't immediately jump to conclusions.*\nThe man (maybe) thought she was cursed to be bound to the willow, and that he would set her free by cutting it down. She was not cursed, but cutting down the willow might have had some influence in her dead.
Culture Goblin
There are two ways to dehumanize someone:\nTo devalue them, and to idolize them.\nBoth are equally disastrous.
Deborah Kargher
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but her hair gets more and more brown as the song goes on, like a flower shriveling and dying... Deep, man.
Dj Francis
Be it a metaphor to humanity's entitlement to nature or a man's insatiable lust towards an unwilling target, one thing at least is clear:\n\nThere's a lot of deluded people here who can't handle rejection.
Draak Hart
Here is a modern view of this:\nA man (26 or so) is walking down the streets and sees a young lady (18-22) tending to a garden next to a house and is singing as she does so. The man instantly changes his path and walks up to her and requests that she leave this house and move in with him. She refuses saying that she must stay with her family and home.\n\nLater the same man returns with flowers and requests this again and asks her to marry him. She refuses again.\n\nThe man returns in rage and the young woman sees him and rushes out to stop him because she can see what he's about to do. Tears running down her face. He ignores her and sets fire to her house and takes her saying that she is now his. He drags her away from the burning house and upon leaving the houses yard he realizes she's limp. He checks her and realizes she's had a heart attack caused by shock. She dies shortly after.\n\nNow I know this is different times from the setting this is in and it's different in a few other ways but for those of you who think that this was 'love' - you need to think things over a bit more because that does not seem to be the message sent here. This is a beautifully put together story and song but it's not necessarily one of love but one of greed, lust, loss, ect. Hope those who spend the time to read this enjoy my view and also realize it is nothing more then that - my view. 😊👍
Draconix Wingforged
When a girl is really close to a tree and she says that she cannot leave, bringing an axe is never the right choice. Unless the girl says so.
Dreaming Stars
Lesson from song \n\n\n\n\nNever take a thing from a forest that was never supposed to leave
Edward Crow
A smarter man would have a built a house right next to the damn tree
Emerald 919
Is there a reason she didn't just tell people straight up that she was a dryad? I bet they'd have left her alone if she told them she'd literally die if she went too far from her tree.
Emily Hamilton
I heard this song awhile ago. I came back after I heard a song called the Maiden and the Selkie. I like to think that that's how this story would have played out if the man wasn't a jerk and the maiden liked him back. I think hearing this song first made that song more enjoyable to me, and it made this guy seem more like a jerk since he could have easily stayed in the forest with her rather then force her out against her will
Emily M.
“She said she’d wed him never.”\n\nLmao like how much clearer can you get! I know this story is tragic and has an important message, but I burst out laughing every time.
so this guy's thought process went from:\n\
Flo Froggie
The minute the axe was mentioned. You'd be like: Oh shiz your screwed.
your voice is mermaid like! +_+ you should do a cover of \
France W.G.
the guy was like, every \
Dude, if a girl doesn't wan't to marry you, don't take an axe to their home. They tend not to like that
Ginger Kubicz
Men always taking things that arent theres to have. These types of stories tell.
Glass Artist
Question,\n\nI'm new to making videos and such but I was wondering, is this a song you can use for your own videos without getting copywrite strike??\n\nIdk how to tell what you can use and can't use
When you pluck a flower for its beauty, you have to remember that you are robbing it of its freedom, life and home.
Hannah Banina
*Beginning of Each Verse:* _'A young man walked through the forest~'_\n*Question:* Are they all the same young man, though?
Haruka Nanami
Maaaan, you could've just built a tree house in the forest so you could be with her ; - ; \n\nBut noooooo~ You just HAD to cut down her tree, did you? ; - ;\n\nSad to say but a lot of people these days are like the young man in this song.
Heather Sinbela
Dear Erutan\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou have the voice of a fucking angel and god bless you👌
Hellen Roeser
She was the tree! Poor guy, you killed her!
Man where's the Lorax, when you need him.
Ines Ben
enya + euriell+erutan == angles\u003c3
Jana Zoňová
There is a legend in our country - Slovakia. It is about an young lord who had a beautiful wife. He found out she is alive every day but every night she lays in her bed without breathing like she was dead. He went to an old witch and she told him his wife's soul sleeps in the willow near his castle. He wanted to set her free so when he came back he took an axe and cut the willow down. When he returned to the castle he found his wife dead. She died the same time like the tree.
Jerson Frias
Moral of the story no means noooooo
Jordy Johnson
This is amazing! And I found my new favorite song!
Keirra Arden
the arrogance of men
Kevin Sissons
How often do we humans force ourselves on others? Peace would reign supreme if we'd simply leave each other alone.
Lacey Kueper
Lacy Gorman
This is WHY I call Catherine/Katherine's THE GREAT. 🤗
Luna de la moon
The first time I heard this song was in nightcore version.
Lunar the Gryphon
The moral of this story: \
Léa Fréville
Moral of the story : some guys can't handle a boner. Don't be that guy.
Master King
So many forget a certain line in the song and the fact that this occurs over time not all at once. Could be three days or even years. But the lines \
Michael Bradley Durrant
I'd like to believe that the flower grew into a great tree and that she was reborn.
Actual moral of the story: Stop speaking cryptic, fairy ladies. If it is your certain death being brought away from your current location, TELL THEM EXACTLY THAT. Geez, so many dead people/creatures in tales and folklore just because someone doesn't say out loud what they know. X'D\n\nI'm loving this video tho. Love all the textures that were used.
MorgzElaine 09
Why couldnt the man be decent and ask her why she couldn't leave?!?\n\nP.S. Great Song!
congratulations. you broke my heart with one song
Pasathon Mayakool
I'm a simple man: when I hear the beautiful and soothing voices, I like.
Still not over the fact he knew she was a faerie, but still decided to ignore a warning she said to him three times. There's being a scumbag, and then there's being a stupid scumbag.
Piotr Miliczek
This is actually the saddest story I've ever heard in any song. :( But still beautiful. \u003c3
Potato Cat
He could not take from the forest,\nWhat was never meant to leaf.
Rebekah Schroetlin
Why do guys assume that \
I'm seeing a lot of comments saying stuff like \
Rosabelle Sams
She reminds me of Lily potter neè Evan from HP! Red hair and emerald green eye!
Searching for books
This made me cry... it's too beautiful.
Selin Dilara Sari
Ok but like, Apollo anyone?
Sonja Holmes
dear friends, he didn't just live with her in the forest because then there wouldn't be a tragic lesson...
Spottie Hellstorm
A tip for some guys. If she says no then leave her the hell alone
Beautiful song. Where'd you find it?
Taiya Langinlur
for some reason, he reminds me of the young man from Maleficent, who betrayed and angered the strongest fairy to regret it later.
Because NO means NO.
This guy isn't the brightest cookie in the tool shed...\nJudging by the general theme and lyrics, this sounds like it's from somewhere between 900-1650 AD Ireland. If that's the case, he could easily have just build a cabin/house around the trunk of the tree. TA-DA!\nNow the two of them could have shared a home and a life together.\n\nAnother thing, it was a huge and ancient tree. It would have taken him HOURS to chop it down, or even do any life-threatening damage to the tree. When he first started hacking away at it, why the hell didn't she just come out and tell him; \
Because THAT'S how you show a hamadryad that you love her, destroy the tree that houses her spirit... -_- that's like proving your love by cutting her in half. Why not just build a cottage by her tree and live with her if she can't come with you?
She pretty much told him twice: 'Bro, don't take me from my tree, or I'm gonna die.' \nAnd what does he do???????\nExactly what she told him NOT to do🙄\nContext clues, man!
Thomas Hobbes
I’m a film student and I would love to turn this story into a movie.
Thảo Lê Thị
Love your voice
Timmy Lesley
if they made this song a movie it would be cool to watch
Tomorrow We Live
Reminds me of the story of Beren and Luthien...
Vixie Merryman
Men ~ Been taking shit that doesn't belong to them since forever.
Vladislav Kolev
This is absolutely beautiful, storytelling in its more ancient form - song by fire.
Wandering Child
A tree nymph cannot live if their tree is cut down, so they must stay and protect it. Sadly due to their mystical beauty many want them. This happens similarly to many different races like the Selkies, where it is said if you steal a female selkie's coat she will have to be your wife.
This reminds me of how I hiked through a forest just a few days ago on a holiday. In the forest grew some really beautiful purple flowers and I wanted a picture of one to use for something. So I plucked one, took a picture of it in my hand. Then carried the flower with me to the destination of the forest trail. At the end, it had already died and lost its beauty, so I left it there. \n\nThen, on the way back, I took a different, parallel trail. On it, I stumbled upon two of the same type of flowers, growing by eachothers' side. The image was so beautiful my heart wouldn't have let me pluck one and separate them. So I took another picture, this time of both of the two flowers, on the forest floor. It prooved to be ten times as nice as the one with the flower in my hand, so I decided to use that instead, and the project I needed it for, I think ended up far better with the newer picture over what it would have looked like with the older one. And I left the flowers there and went on my merry way. Much better than when I had to watch that other flower slowly die. \n\nI just... this reminded me so much of the experience. And I never actually realized what it meant until I saw this video and it clicked.
Yaro Silverstone
When she said 'i cannot leave the forest', a smart person would have lived in the forest with her. Even if he already cut down the tree, he could make the tree into a house.
I know it’s late and someone should already have say it but.. 4:28\nSong : a ray of light in the moondance\nSubtitles : a strain of song in the forest
Zoe Brown
When someone says they can't leave the tree, they can't leave the tree.
ATTENTION PLEASE I see many comment about why he did not built house near her tree and reason why he can not BUT HEY \
If he couldn't bring her home\nHe should have bring home to her
alic seprin
sad song about the entitlement of man\n\nIdiots can't use video for subtext \n\nIt's a sad tale about the entitlement of the human race \nTaking from nature what isn't meant to leave nature \n\nAs the man in the story is the representation of desire
crystal moon A.e
Found it on accident cant stop playing it, so butiful and brilliant
diament dekristelle
her voice is just magical
dropped dreqms
He should have just built a treehouse or something.. INSTEAD OF CHOPPING DOWN THE TREE
sad, yet beautiful tale T3T love the art
mock'n load
If you like a flower you pick it, and take it home\nIf you love a flower you admire it, and let it grow...
holy crap this is beautiful \u003c3
omg she fish
I laways love these songs that tell a whole story
pan yifei
why can’t the girl just tell the man that she is a dryad.....
Why did she stop uploading music? God, I was looking forward to new songs..
{Gacha} Saorise
Is that girl wearing any clothes..\n\nNot like it doesn't matter, I just mean there ticks and bugs out there y'know..
He was not ment to have her.\nShe was not ment to leave the forest.