The Willow Maid - Erutan (katethegreat19)

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'The Willow Maid' - original song © 2009 Erutan/Kate CovingtonFrom my debut album, "Raindancer"Song inspired by the tree sprites of Celtic Mythology ~ Hello guys! I've decided its time to release the songs from my original album, 'Raindancer', onto youtube for all my subs that never got to hear them. This means you guys can upload it too with your own videos if you like! Trying to generate buzz for album #2! The video took a couple days - I did all the line art and filled in with textures from cool cats on deviantart (will get lists and links up as soon as I can) to create a moving collage effect.(Sorry for nothing new lately - I developed vocal cord nodes from a hectic singing schedule this Spring, and am under doctor's orders to rest my voice for a few months. The good news is that I was able to record some extremely awesome things that I should be able to release in the next few months)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DOWNLOADS and CDs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you would like to support my music and purchase 'The Willow Maid' any of the songs from my album, 'Raindancer', in mp3, FLAC, or physical CD format, please try the links below! Any support is deeply appreciated! ;_;iTunes: (for Apple mp3)

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