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Awesome boxer dog compilation - The best of funny moments with cuttest and funniest boxer dogs. Enjoy 10 minutes of funny and adorable boxers!Subscribe Sad Cat to get newest video 😻: Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and show to your friends!Have a GREAT Day :)Copyright Disclaimer:No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to "Fair Use" copyright law.Copyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved.

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Alexa And Anissa’s fun World
My boxer does the same thing with the fart noises
Amber Garcia
I have a boxer
Amy Reda
I have a boxer puppy he is so nice and cute
Ana Natale-Pereira
so cute it is just like my boxer
Angillena 1809
Отличная порода! Обожаю боксёров!
Anne Shaw
One of the very best boxer videos.Thanks. Love the boxer with toilet roll stuck in mouth.\n How do people think other breeds of dogs even come close to a boxer
Arunava Ghosh
I also have a boxer dog and she is very naughty
Bestie Squad love jou
Zo cute
Blake Edwards
The one in the car was actually upset by the windshield wipers.
Boat Girl
I loved the hugging boxers the best. Mine are just like that, so loving and playful
Bryson Show
Burrito is life
I have 3 of these things and ive come to the conclusion that no boxer is mentally healthy
As long as I'm physically capable of looking after them I'll continue having Boxers.
Cheryl ODonnell
Lost my 11 yr old Boxer 2 years ago. Love the video - thanks for sharing..
Click Bait O’ Clock
The first boxer dog looks just like mine
Cosplay Nightmare
No matter what anyone says my favourite breed will always be boxers sadly mine is becoming old and we are lucky to have her this Christmas 😔 I love her alot even tho she gets on my nerves at times 💗💗
Dannielle Duplooy
I have two boxers myself and they act just like this they are sooooo cute
Dawn Lovett
Yes they are the best
Denisa AnaMaria
Boxer dog 😍😍😍😍😍
Denise Degeneffe
My boxers name is Rascal it says it all
Denise Mendes
Itiiiii maliiiiia❤🐶
Der Gnadenhof
Eric Holbrook
The pup watched this video with me and was completely captivated.
Flávia Dutra
My have Boxer 😍
Isaac Mcpeek
That boxer was playing a paper didjury doo
Ix-MiHy74 -xI
Thirth really cute but i dont get it why is a lot of people scared of boxers they're nice
Jennifer Machado
I have 4 boxers and they are soooooo smart and amazing
Jeny Riou
I have a boxer
Jillian Norman/Epich Rhino/Voltron lover
I have a boxer
June DeRose
My Boxer is totally amazing ! Rescued at eight months. He and his sister went to two abusive homes , before I was lucky enough to find him. He really found me. I wanted his sister also as I found out there were two. The foster mom kept her. Which was upsetting as they were bonded . It took a few weeks for him to let my husband near me,. he was hurt in the past so he was protecting me. My other two Boxers gave him room so did my Weimaraner & Beagle. The others passed all in the last couple of years sadly. All five slept in bed with me wrapping their paws around each other. He loves other dogs , animals , kids everyone. What I especially love about him besides the kisses and cuddles , is he is still a guard dog naturally ! He will let family in without even barking, yet if someone he doesn't know knocks on the door, he is right there rigid until I say it's ok. Then he wags his tail ,and is ready for attention. Fantastic gentle loving dogs . Playful throughout life, yet calm in house. Just remember to have patience & be calm and loving. All animals respond best with kindness. They look fierce enough without people putting those horrible pronged collars on. They do require lots of attention when young. They are worth every second of it!
Katie McCreath
Bath time run bark hehe
Katja Brakenhoff
I miss mine. Gone for over a year now. Boxers are the best breed...
Kimberly Bracken
His name should be Goofy
Lee Christianson
They're such little clowns at times... At 1:50, it shows how good they can be with young kids.. Love 'em..
Leon Draw
there should be more ads.
Lindsay Elise
Omg the one at 2:42 looks just like my little man!
MamaRoach 75
Boxers are cute clowns! 😍
Maureen Seel
So many reasons why boxers are the best dogs...
Mia Dinoto
Boxers are the best!❤️
Mia Tracy
Why does my puppies do all of this 😂? There soooo cute I love them!
Mr. Gamer
I have a boxer and they are so energetic and loving to their owners
Ragdoll Mister Jankins & Friends
Boxer are not pretty but i like theire crazy and funny nature. The best friend of our first alaskan malamute was a boxer. And the only male dog friend of our alaskan malamute Anoki was a boxer too😊.
Road Tripper
That first boxer of the video was just like me when I'm bored 😆
Ta Koy
2:20 very cute 🐑 🐑 🐑🐶🐶🐶
Tailyns Life
Boxers are the best… rip geisha the sweetest dog on the planet 😭💗
The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.
There is a reason they are called boxers. Playing with mine and he has high me so hard that I've seen stars.
The J squad Forever and ever
2:13 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I miss my boxer every day.
Why are their tails so short?
Tim Campanaro
so cute
Tini Juul .p
Trevor Przepiora
Typical Boxers : )
Trosclair434 genus
I freakin love boxers so much
Boxer dog are best
Wesley Mpc
barry girvan
fab compilation...best dogs ever
bcfpc1 Cfto
Boxer mastiff cross is the best
bec c
Ive got a baby boxer and a 3 year old one And they done like everything in thisvid atleased once xD
Nothing like waking up to these beautiful dogs snoring and drooling on ur pillow boxers are my favourite
Miss my boxer so much
jimmy fortrue
That cardboard trumpet was best.
nothing nowhere
8:06 that boxer dog soooo CUTE!
ordan burdan
nice video
silvana bulog
I LOVE Boxer. ....My ATTI is dead.....HE MIS S
toe the beast xxx
my boxer is called ben