Ravenfield | "NEW CANYON COWBOY MAP!" | Early Access 11 Beta Branch Update (Gameplay)

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Ravenfield just got another awesome Beta Branch update, this time bringing us not one, but TWO NEW MAPS! Welcome to the Wild West. Kinda. Today we check out CANYON! Don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed, and subscribe if you are new!►JOIN THE HARD CROC ARMY- ►City Cruising by Mattijs Muller

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Alright I have 2 questions. 1,What happened to your map. 2, can you do a top 7 of all the main maps in rave field from your most favorite to least. My list would be. 1 canyon 2 archipelago 3 dustbowl 4 temple 5 island 6 mountain range and 7 coast line.
Clay Murray
Ronny J producer tag: Oh my god Ronnyyy is that what you were talking about?
haunted on every single official maps in one super long video
2:00 song name ?
Dallas Foster
W8 a second, THC stands for his name, but that’s a drug. No wonder I can’t stop watching
Folk of Mine Gamer
Jack Grundy
you desrve mor subs
5:06 #goodshothardcroc
Jeremiah Broadus
6 shots, enough to kill anything that moves.
Joshua Wazny
I love this channel
Lyall Nixon
Press tab then escape then scroll to see all people also I don't think you can check total kills
Lynx PSN
Can't wait until EA11 comes out!
Mark Tinker
Cowboy baby
And one more thing are ever going to consider playing pubg mobile or playing pubg again
I wasn't sure if Red Dead Redemption would come to PC or not. Glad to see Rockstar ascending.
NPC Wojak
-you should check out the Altirus project-
Niketas Delgato
The burned man lives......
Pat Tap
1:07 *edits out the shot he missed*
CROC DADDY!!!! Glad you're back 😒🤤🙊
Sarah Valencia
mw2, the good ol days
The Watcher
I think canyon is cool, but I think it would be better if it were shrunk down.
Yul Bd
Croc: \
Welp. I’m early I guess...
amir m
Will ravenfeild have any multiplayer (or coop)?
t4zed wil Pittman
LOVE your vids