Meliodas vs Albion - TSDS ROTC 2 (ENG DUB)

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Ace Blizzy
Is anyone else tired of Elizabeth? -_-
Alfhie Martinez
Tbh, merlin could've killed that by herself in the beginning.
Aljun Solitario
its a shooting star no its a plane no its a huge flying pig
Andrew Jatib
Kage Bunshin no jutsu vs Colossal Titan
AzuraQuin Lilax
Merlin...return what to him?....
Meleodias is the physical embodiment of no u.
BOILED Icewater
Fyi mama hawk is the mother of chaos,and it can fight a very high level demon monster.
If he cant counter 5 fire balls then how come in previous season 1 where meliodas countered like a million magical elements belonging to the holy knights???\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLooks like the writer is drunk or some sort
Baldric Chin
the english dub elizabeth has the most annoying voice
Boyet Palma
Imagine how elizabeth will handle 5 meliodas during honeymoon 😂😂😂
Chaos Angel
Wait. BIG SISTER?!?!? O___O dam I've been away from the show too long. Ughhh
Chax Leap
What does Merlin mean by \
Cheesy Chummies
7 deadly sins season 3 announcements. Escanor: Who decided that?
Cody Ivvel
Albion:prepare to die\nMeliodas:Genji Deflect from overwatch
Merlin: whether i should give that to you, use this for now\nWhat she meant that meliodas has a powerfull blade?
De Co
Esti roman si stiu asta boss
Denis Emanuel Stoica
roar of dawn : wow protecting the kingdom with a barrier look at my big * sister * go WHATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derrick G
I thought Merlin's spells lasted forever why does to force field fall 💀
Every time someone says \
Naruto is proud
Dillon Jeon
4:50 Uh, Mr.Stark? I dont feel so good...
Don Kalzone
Why she didnt use infinity on the barrier?
Enchanted Wig
Funny how Meliodas just comes up to the fireball and Ding, here you go!
Ethan Zarate Tapia
Give bad Doritos \n\nMeliodas: mien
This anime sounds so horrible in english, japanese is the way to go
Fadhli Rahmansyah
I love the original dub.
Fat Amy
2:54 does Meleodas have 2 sacred treasures?
Frost E Bear
1:27\nwhy did he blush
One strike? But he sliced it more than that!
Gary Mangsatabam
Why is dubbed so cringey uhh
Its a Collosal Titan!!??!?!?
1:19 did the dude just say America after an explosion?
If merlin was infinite magic then why did the barrier break?
Irwin Chu
Arthur is gay
Jack MacKinnon
I like how King Arthur is just a side character in this
Jocelyn Aspella
Just one thing I didn't know though is that SLADER HAS A BIG SISTER AND THAT IS MERLIN?!
Joel Rowe
Merlin thew down the barrier. Surely it will last forever given the fact that she has her magical ability infinity?
Jonesboi 42
I wonder if he ever just full counter magical attacks back and forth with himself like tennis😂
Juan Jose Guevara Ortiz
The English version of this show... I can't process how bad it is
Kenji Reh
Diane seriously have never seen Meliodas duplication...And how long was she with him
Kevin Washington
My god the English voices sound so terrible but good fight though 🤷🏾\u200d♂️
Killua Zoldyck
The Great Oshiro could one hit that Albion
Kingdome Cthulhu
I love it \
Kira Y
2:55 - Was Merlin referring \
Kisara Maiden With Eyes Of Blue
Random Guy In Camelot; \
Kratos Son Of God
Meaning Of Fullcounter albion Blast Maliodas no U
LSCharGal Gamer
Ah, there's FIVE of them? This is gonna be *jUcY* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Liahkim Reyes
Wow this randomly turned into naruto.\n\n\n\nHAHAHA LOL😂😂😂
full counter \u003e uno reverse card and no u
Lilly Dorr
That's totally cat noir's voice.
MagicRainbow Kitties
I'm still waiting be for the over 9000 reference.
Maical Wilson
Pig fly omg!!!!😂😂😂
Mary rose Biron Encarnado
merlin: that golem is reacting to our power levels \n\ngolem:it's over 9000
Meliodas Sin of Wrath
Still can’t believe I killed that 😅it was pretty easy...
uh, excuse me, um yeah uhh... PRAISE THE SUN
4:14 I knew this was in Konoha!
As expected from the oldest son of the demon king 😏👌
Nhan Andy
Is Arthur gay or what because when mediodas said the word to he blushed
Albion: im gonna shoot 5 fireballs at you now\n\nMeliodas: uno reverse card
Hawk would have defeated it in one blow but okay🙄
Popularmmos 1
Merlin:Things may get a little rough out here\nPuts Elizabeth the daughter of the Supreme Deity inside\nKeeps pig that has 30 as its power level outside
4:22 Is basically \n\n\
Rainbo Gacha
I like how Arthur seems gay for meliodas
Random Boi
So Merlin’s basically a human plot armour at this point, and a narrator
Retric Gaming
1:37 looks like bottom half is naked
Rikuto Koo
Green mommy pig MVP of this match
Is it bad that I sometimes watch little parts of these videos to laugh at how terrible the English dub is?
I like the sound of full counter
Sober Irish
0:41 ok...a little pointless then but whatever...
Spenser Farman
I find it funny and cute that Mama Hawk has her ears lifted up while she’s flying around with Merlin’s magic.
TheMouse Voice
Meliodas: wow so big bet I can beat it \nmonster: roaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!
Tool Bintool
That was mind blowing literly
Valus Ra'lyn
Albion: I'm gonna fire off 5 of these so you can't full counter it\nMeliodas: KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU
WereWe DroppinBoys
Manga readers, I'm about to cry cause of Arthur 😭
Wilson Gao
Who thought pigs could fly?
Yash vardhan
Saate saate saate!!
something weird to consider, merlin at this point was already powerful enough to one shot the albion, and the barrier could have held up if she enchanted it and used her Infinity magic, and ban (if he was present and used hunter fest) could have destroyed the albion aswell. im basing merlin's off of her current feats, and ban's on his fight against melascula and galand, wherein he used Hunter Fest and was able to whack around Galand (who had a power level of 27,000 give or take at that point) with ease. although not kill, so i would place him around 28,000 powerlevel wise, whereas an albion has around 5,500.
Yvonne's Vlogs
Can I have a meliodas too?
Zach Kellner
Really? \
Zxyte MLBB
Is meliodas going to use his clones to gangbang elizabeth?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
a guy of randomness
albion: fireball no jutsu\nmeliodas: kage bunshin jutsu
ade ade
4:$0 meliodas voice so fckin weird
andrew botta
i am still surprised they never had him use that when groping alizabeth yet in the series
bon bryan acevedo
chris wardin
why didn't she just put a smaller wall where the Albion attacked to make the effect last more instead of making a big one
djarvin plaza Alisoso
I know who's the strongest of them all😎 its the animator yohoo👌👌👌
gaming death
Where can I find the whole season dubbed?
green rocket
Amazing how the english voice of merlin has the same voice as the japanese.. They made a good job choosing one
lil EatMyYeahYeah
meliodas X arthur
DF is up with Caps voice?
natsu dragneel
If there are 5 he can go on a panty stealing parade
putra steenvoorden
I’m getting quite tired of elizabeth saying sir meliodas the whole time during the series
vincent schulz
Diane has the most beautiful eyes I've even seen in any anime girl. They always seem so sincere and full of true kindness. Doesn't hurt that she got one hell of a body
Full counter is just physical/magical version of the No u
ⲏⲓⲩⲟⲅⲓ ⲧαςⲏⲓⲃαⲛα
I thought he was gonna scream \