Botox For Jawline Contouring By Reducing the Masseter Muscles

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Dr. Jason Emer a facial rejuvenation and body contouring expert in Beverly Hills, CA, demonstrates the use of neuromodulators (Botox) along the jaw. By injecting the masseter muscles -- which control grinding and chewing -- the jawline can be shaped giving a more round/oval appearance rather than one that is square.If you are considering treatments by Dr. Jason Emer please visit his website at or check out his other social media sites -- facebook, twitter, and instagram (@jasonemermd). Also see his fantastic reviews on and/or

Contouring Muscle (Anatomical Structure) Plastic Surgery (Medical Specialty) Skin (Anatomical Structure) botox botulinum toxin (drug)... contour jaw line

Anaiss Dontexist
Hi, What if you want to slim down your lower cheek area a bit (area near corners of mouth and lower cheek) can botox help with that? \nThank you
Asa Olsen
it would be helpful to see some before & after pics on the videos.
Ian Lola
How many unit does one syringe hold?
Jason Emer, MD
very little pain at all. the needle is extremely small, it actually hurts less than botox! no numbing or ice needed, but if a patient wanted it we would have no problems doing so!
Marta XO
How many injections per side is appropriate? I had botox done two days ago and the doctor injected it in 3 places. I can see you did 5, which I guess, is better than 3.
Menandro Cultura
Hi.i just done my botox yesterday..i dont feel anything after the that usual?because im expecting to have some pain on my muscle.iam just feel regular i done 30 units on both jawline
Yanchik 15
Hey Jason! that is nice video.and I wanna know where ur office lokated?...what state/town? ..
caligula julius
I had a Botox jaw reduction in the beginning of Dec ,15 still waiting for the result ,how long does it take to see some result ?/its now been only 1 week(from the day am writing this comment )
corina L
I want this botox
How many units total?
nikki townes
How safe is this ?
OMG, that looks absolutely painful! Do they apply a numbing agent to the skin 1st I wonder?