Man-made Maid

Postscript to 'Walter the Stepford Wife".Helps if you watch that first (my earlier videos) but not essential.Video sources (other than the above!) are Stepford Wives movie and Electric Barberella (Duran Duran).Music I added is The Model by Kraftwerk.I had more fun putting this vid together than any other I made.Phew, hope you enjoy it after all that..

Tg crossdress sex-change transexual transformation transgender transsexual transvestite

Barbie Doll
very nice! thanks!
Is that Dr Evil?
The girl at 2:51 looks like Devon Aoki?\r\nGreat video! I'm glad my wife is more obeidient than this robot :p
Christine Cahill
2:08 is that an iorn or a dildo?
TG Tales
I had more fun putting this vid together than any other I made..
The Reason Why Guy
Good job making them look fake
@elpresidente13 The uploader does NOT pick the song title that appears in the grey box. Youtube does that automatically by having a computer listen to the audio and guess if it matches a song it has on record. You're correct that it was attributed wrongly, but thats Youtube's fault not the uploader's fault.
Love it! -great job TGtales. You are good at making videos that are funny but also sexy.
ryan steele
good video
What a bizzarre music video.