Aiden on Stevens Untitled Rock show on FUSE

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Aiden hanging out on the couch with Steven on SURS as seen on FUSE TV.

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haha they're all so cute. i looooove aiden.\r\nyea wiL's face whn jake said tht. im still lauging. sooo funny. and thy don't even no wht's on the DVD how cute.\r\n=p.\r\nLooooooooooove..
801 pel
borat was in da ally go show which is probably older than steven untitled rock show
Aisha Melody
heckof funny quotes in this video. :]
Ashlee MC
awsome video aide is amazing\r\nwil is so adorable and i love nicks hair=]\r\n\u003c3
FUCK I MISS SURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or I Set My Friends on fire, Die Romantic, Last Sun Rise. We sleep for ever is a real good song too
Christine Jakowski
i love wil's hand movements everytime steven takes it to a video or a commercial.
Dave G
SKSK Kicks Asses
Dezi Olivas
I miss Stevens untitled rock show! 😭😭😭
Emmy Lundén
I miss WiL's hair :'( \u003c3 bring it back..
Erick Castillo
ok..i love them and all..\nbut wil is kind ov a dick in this interview.
Hannah Nevarez
oohhh my god. please someone fill me into how/why steven's untitled rock show is gone...?? was it a planned thing where they had like a last episode or did fuse just suddenly stop playing episodes??? aaahhh that totally and completely sucks \r\n:( :(
Hayley Starr
it's not just you. The same thing happens to me.
Lol they just dropped him on the floor xD
I dont even know
i remember when i could turn on fuse and see my chemical romance videos now they sold out to get more veiw
Izzy Taylor
no just mat devines voice is hilarious and wonderful
Jinx Vexx
man fuse isnt so great anymore :( i used to LOVE fuse now they play rap-ish shit \u003e:[
Lana Howard
This was truly amazing to watch.
this was the only good show on FUSE goshhh idk why it stopped, this is where i got all my bands!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey Wolff
it's either called the latest plague or the last plague, i don't remember and i'm too lazy to look it up and it's from from first to last. great band. :P
Aiden fucking rules! I saw them on September 30th! (Best day of my life!) I got to meet them all. They're awesome!
I miss Fuse. It use to be the escape from all of the poppy, MTV bullshit. It was for alternative music and I miss it. I hate that it's conformed ;-;\nCome back, Fuse...
Matias Moine
Megan White
*sniffles* I miss when fuse showed SURS that was what I always looked forward to when i watched Fuse!!! :(
Michaela White
lol it's so cute when wiL's sitting on jake's shoulders, and then, they pull him off onto the floor. aiden is one of the coolest bands in the world. \u003c3 i don't know if their my favorite band or not, though. it's between aiden and the used.
this show used to be my life!!!!!! id steal the tv in the living room and tackle anyone who'd try to change it! i loved this show sooo much it was the best! i miss it :/
Samantha Price
LMFAO!!!\r\nwil at end is soo funny\r\nxD
Sergio Garcia
Why can't I see this vid!?!?!?
Shelby Tabb
i love wil
Skyler Wickiser
that guy didnt get the HIM song right its RIP OUT THE Wings Of a Butterfly and he just said Wings Of a Butterfly blehh
Speedbox #57
RIP Steven's Untitled Rock Show.\n\nFuse fucking blows.
Stupidity Impulse Network
damn emos
Tom H
00:47 sounds just like borat \
I KILLED THE PROM QUEEEEEENNNNNN to bad they broke up :(
Ty Jamison
Man, why couldnt you play H.I.M???? (::\r\n
I met them all, and they're all so nice! :)
wasnt wil like stoned a lill! lol:P funny, diff wil! lol
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I miss the old FUSE😭😭😭
yeah fucking sucks
jessica mcglothlin
i hate how steven interrups the bands on his show all the time..
i love aiden i went to taste of chaos and wil pulled me up and stage and sang to me then later i met them haha
i don't like fuse now\nthey play to much of that hip hop shit
Man are you on something why would you even say that you should draw a giant \
latest plague-from first to last unless you mean the very very end which is stop by against me. both very sweet bands.
Holy crap! They mentioned I killed the Prom Queen. Fuuuuuuuu they started in my home city. Now they have broken up.
Does anyone know what songs are playing \nat 5:50 and 9:36 ?
um you said wil was a dick in this video, how so??
Oh, old I miss you!\r\n\r\nLove this show. Loved most of the old shows. Loved all the VJs (especially Dylan). Most importantly loved the music!\r\n\r\nWhy did you have to mainstream Fuse, why?\r\n\r\nStill love Aiden though :)
I touched wil 3 times yesterday *_* \u003c3
sorry but their cover of white wedding was kinda crap:|(murderdolls cover is better :]) but die die my darling is cool :D\r\ni killed the prom queen are awesome\r\nwil rules! :)
sam pennell
wil is a legend
shannon bieber
did anyone else catch when there talking about seattle and will like dont move there its so rainy and he says \
holly shit wil is wearing a placebo t shirt omg
LMAO i think thats the way most kids got in to rock XD
is it just me thats getting bigspaces of blach through this interview that last like 2mins long each???
@lovemetalbassist exactly! its f#$%king ridiculous. they need to change it back to the way it use to be.
Hahahah. I love them.