The $3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog

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Have you ever imagined a robotic pet? The new Sony Aibo may just be what you’ve been waiting for. The new Sony Aibo will begin to ship in September (United States) and retail for $2899._________________________________________WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS...The Most Dangerous Unboxing Yet...

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A Glimpse Inside
Well, if this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!
I'm a dog passing by and I feel saddened by this faker *whimps*
O my god......cutest robot i have ever seen.....😍😍😍
It's better adopt a puppy it will give u happiness in ur life I guarantee
Air Elegant
I think in another 50 years this robot able to mimic movement as regular dogs.
Aja Wallace
THAT IS SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akash Bhattacharya
OMG..\nIncredible 😱😱😵😵😨😨\nThat's type of products are all made in China or japan 😅😅
All watch new Beast
Better than cozmo yes or no
Alvin Nwaokike
Where my dogs at??? I’m dead watching this video. Super AI display!!!
Alyssa Ybanez
Take a closer look it watching you, there's a camera in it nose look closely
Area of Interest
No animals were harmed in the making of this video...
Arsh Kawal
Sony - Make. Believe.
Ashabil Adil Dhaniyal
Aung Zone
It's not bringing a pet to school if it's a robot right.
You could pay $3000 dollars for a robot\nOr you could pay maybe $60 to $120 for an actual puppy
AwesomePieMan 23
They just need to make the puppy tease everytime you try to pet it.
BTS is so trash
Put it in a less intimidating way, three Iphone X’s 😂
Babies & Toys
Great video.
Behind the scenes
*Vao amazing robot sir* awesome video... Give me heart 💗
Breehanna Zelia
Who needs a dog when you got that
Chin yan Tsui
Japan is so cool
Cody Bigelow
sadly hes smarter then my real dog
Debasish Sahoo
*That dog is super adorable*
Dwarkesh Patel
Sonyy Dogg
Hes cool but I think hes too slow
Gaca Kupaca
One more way to spying us :) Great job
Gamer 786
No SD card slot though.\nNah I’m not buying it.
Glad ._. TM
Still no headphone jack tho
Ppl from 3018: HEY THATS MY PET! :0
HalJo Dav
It should poop batteries too.
Happy Gamer
Harshitha Bannuru
This dog colud send someone into depression after thinking\nInstead of spending 5000$ on this artificial one, i could have gotten a original one\nAnd belive me potty training ur dog is fun 😂😂😂
Helord GT
Is cute for me want hug this robot dog 😗😗😗😘😗
Hermione Hamilton
So cute! I want.
No Poop to clean up after
nice smart dog
This thing costs 3 months of our rent.
What if a lady robot dog looks befour aibo ? Robot love ?
Jenedin Jidan
This dog really incredible
Justin Mahood
Now a days you get a robot dog instead of a normal one
I will buy it, tape my phone to the bone, and whenever I lose my phone I'll tell him to find the bone so that I won't lose my phone again lmao.
Kevin Rivera
All the people in the comments (pet owners, most likely) feel so attacked right now, dismissing it and saying how it doesn’t compare to the real deal. Of course it doesn’t, that’s not the point. It’s not out to replace your dog, it’s just a cool display of tech, a toy meant to replicate somewhat of dog behavior. Lol
Kim Roa
Leo Koutakis
Happy international dog day! the barking is super cute!
Lin Chester
2038: Detroit Become Doggo. \n\nHi I am Aibo, I am the android dog sent by Cyberlife
Love and Lust
Imagine this technology in a couple 40-50 years
Mac Brody
A dog is way less cheaper then that and they actually have a brain
Madhur Goyal
This dog could probably drive someone out of depression. Happiness all around! Great one Lew
Meghan Schaefer
Would be perfect for someone like my brother. He is in the navy and could have a companion when he's home but won't have to worry about anything when he's deployed.
This is for those who love dogs and want one but don't want to go through the problems that real dogs create.
Mike Panama
Get a real dog
Mohd. Asim
I will prefer to buy a living one...🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Moses MJ robot.
Mr. Fire Crackers
A real dog is much better
Mr.Android Tech
3.7k dislikes from cat lovers..
Nagamallika Sharma
My dream dog
Im a dog and I find this offensive.
It is damn cute😍
PauL TerL
Fav dog band??\nTemple of the dog!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Praanjal Sinver
Real dogs are much better
Prabij Shrestha
Ohh he is so cute I think he is still playing with your real dog 😊
Raja DNP
No matter how old we are, toys really makes us child for moment. 🤗🤗
Rami Lamb
He could of used that money to buy a real dog ._. Lmao I still like him tho
Richard Eurus
This should be in a black mirror episode
Rishi Naik
This dog can get rabies any moment of time....😆😆😆😆
0:36 \
Rose Dance YUZU
I don't care if it's a Robotic Dog or a Real Dog:)\n\nDog is @ Dog and I love them:)\nI love both of them:)
Saleem Haq
atleast he cant die 😔😔😔
Salty B0i
Now this is the worth video i need to download so i never think im worthless
Sameer Kumar
Best thing about it that it never dies.....
Sandy Saleh
i want humanoid robot girl version
Me: Mum I want dis for da Christmas\nMum: Well, how much is it?\nMe: 3... \nMum: $3...\nMe: No, 3k \nMum: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
Sio Ghoul
The good thing is no potty brakes and you font have to get him those expensive shots for him to go outside
Star BlasterGamingHQ
Tae's baby boy
If all humans went extinct I wonder how long this thing could live its own life
0:49 I bone... i see what you did there Sony ;)
Tech Dunk
It was whining, so I took it outside.\nIt doesn't like the rain much
Tejasvi P
Christmas gift
Tex Mex
This would be so much fun for 15 minutes!
The Black Reaper
Whoa man...AI is growing at an unbelievable rate. Aibo is absolutely mind blowing!
Lepsze od border colli ! Polecam :3
Tycho Frensch
This dog is smart that is why it is $3000\nMy dog is lil stupid that is why he was $500\n\n(Edit: some people dont have humour it is a joke i love my dog)\n\nEdit 2: 1000 likes thank you so much!
Unbox Therapy
Are you ready for our robot overlords?
Vegetalover SUPERSAIYAN3
Imagine a dog watching him
Vinamra khoria
I'd still rather get a real dog 🐶
Imagine if that dog turned evil😂
agnelo Lima
I will prefer buying a real dog than a robot dog
25 more years until the singularity. Who’s ready ?
dj beathh
Welcome doraemon\nDamn it, robot can kill human in the future\nOMG
eds benedicto
you look like an addict and drunk when you laugh and its kinda creepy
minna !!!
this things doesnt need a bath
prankstergangster 14
I love his cute little dance at the end XD
s prekas
xGacha MoonTXuki
Whats next?:\nA real puppy that shoots lazers
yolo swag
imagine seeing someone talk this for a walk 🤣