Pirate, Cop Tootsie Walk Into a Flop ♠ Live at the Bike!

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Nice fold Tootsie!
Adam Gefvert
LOL super easy fold. Not sure why the commentator is so surprised, A2 doesn't beat anything there.
GTO cold call of a 3-bet with A-2s in SB in 4 way pot
Easy fold
Coco Rivas
First again
Damon Santore
Joe can, Twitch is for posers who need validity through their “community”
Edward Mazza
How can you have a nut flush draw on a turn with all different suits????
Error Eliminator
nut flush draw? me thinks Bart was high...
Straight Flizzy
Abe isn’t wearing a costume either wtf?!
hans yolo
Flush draw?
i hope they have tootsie back on the show soon
mike long
Mrs Doubtfire...dude looks like a lady