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"Sora to Kimi no Message" by ChouCho

Anime Ending Suisei no Gargantia

Anderson Lenguyen
you know when you finish your favorite series, and then you think, \
Andy Sanjaya
ChouCho - Sora To Kimi No Message\n
This ending is incredible. I was so captivated the first time I heard it.
what do i do widout u chamger ;¬;7
Name of Artist and Name of the Song plz!
Awesome music and awesome show!
Genial! y nueva temporada en camino yuju!
I do wonder if the alliance will ever return to Earth in this series. They would certainly have the know-how to uncover the land of the planet that got submerged when they fixed the sun. I just hope they get their collective heads out of their asses regarding the Hideauxs/evolvers.
I finished watching this show for the first time this evening. I absolutely loved it. Will definitely buy this on dvd sometime. I don't think there was a single character that I didn't like. Which is rare. Though if I had to pick a favourite. It would be Chamber. One of the most badass mechs/AI's I've seen in anime. I was sad when he sacrificed himself.
I love this show.
RIP in peace ;_;7
la verdad, a la serie le daria un 7 pero esta buena :D
Gwen Wood
[Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet rp?]\n\nInfo of story (small summary)\n\nThis takes place after the anime, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. \nLedo and Amy got married. And (a little something) they would have a child (or children) of their own. And there would be a plot to it (similar to the anime's plot but kind of different). \n--------------------------\nSTARTER\n\nIt has been about 3 years since Chamber sacrificed himself to stop the battle. Ledo was alive and he lived in Gargantia. He since haven't forgotten that day.\n\nThe man looked out the window, thinking about how he first came to Earth. He, at first, was confused about that strange ways of the people here. Over time, he had learned many things. He and Amy had slowly fallen in love. Now that everything was in peace, they had gotten married.\n\nLately, Ledo had noticed Amy was acting strange in the last two months. She was craving for seaweed bread and water. She was extremely moody, and Ledo had to do a lot of house work. He didn't know what was happening to her.\n\nOne day. he wanted to ask her. He took a deep breath and walked up to her. \
Hidden ARMY with Insomnia
is there an english translation for this? just wondering...
EE-Sama brought me here!\nSuch a beautiful song :P
James Sanderson
So much spoilers everywhere.. I just wanted to hear the song. :/ Haha.. oh well.
A really amazing anime. I wish they made more, even if they found a replacement for chamber. It would be awesome if they found another robot underwater he could use and fixed it!  \n\nDamn the music in this anime is awesome too :( why do good things have to come to an end.
Paying my respects ;_;7
Keith Metzger
I think this is the first anime i've seen with more than 1 black person :]
King Kamina
It was one of the few ending I always stay and watch in an anime.
Kittay Ave
kimi no hitomi ni kono sekai wa donna fuu ni utsutteru ndarou \nkono umi de nani o mitsuketeku no ka na \nbukiyou na te de sukoshizutsu kaze no yukue o tsukamu you ni \njibun no chikara de susundeiku nda\n\nkitto itsuka sono toki wa kuru yo \nsukoshi sabishii no wa kimi no sora ga mabushii kara da ne\n\nganbatteru sugata ga ureshikute ureshikute dakara \nwatashi datte kawaranakucha tte kimeta no \ndaijoubu tte iwasete itsu made mo itsu made mo soba de miteru yo \nkimirashii kyou no naka e ai ni iku yo\n\n
L Y. Vang
Out of all characters i really like chamber
Chouchou... lovely voice :)
Lukira XyZ
Marjorie Grecia
Loving the Song \u003c333
Master B. TV
This name is not
Chamber is boss.
When teaching martial arts to children, I say \
Best ED 2013
Rin Ting
Thanks for uploading this lovely song :)
Ryū Ohime-sama
this anime is without doubt a hidden gem! I just wish the humans weren't so stupid, you kinda feel bad for the guy sometimes. but it's good!
the best anime ever \n\n
the best line in this series is from Chamber and it is: \
Slay Ser
He is in the last episode :'(
You will be missed based Chamber
The Buffoon
I think this song is the Amy's feeling for Ledo. XD
NICE SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yi Qing Xiao
Its all calm and nice in the first section of the show ... and now, shit just got real @[email protected]
amber dewitt
Can someone translate these lyrics to English, PLEASE? I've been listening to this music for a year now and I really want to know what it is saying! \u003c3 This is my favorite anime!
ariff rauf
lol thats why the song is so good. by choucho hahahah
Good show! :O
Thank god Chamber isn't dead .
This is definitely one of the best animes I've watched :) just sad that they r not going to make a season 2 ;( . The plot is good, all the characters r amazing, and they should show moar of Ledo and Amy ;) well they did in the ova but it's not good enough D:
chamber is'nt dead. He's just waiting to be discovered in the bottom of the ocean.
gabay gay
its kind of an insider but i dont know either where is comes from^^
they say anime is dead, then overlook ones like this.
Sadly only 1 season.\nThis anime had much more potential.
jhon conor
I love This series 
ki yuen Chow
I like it
This anime needs a second season.\n
did you mean \
Fun anime about a genuine clash of cultures, and gorgeous soundtrack. Thanks for posting.
Chamber ;_;7