SONIC FORCES - Beta Mortar Canyon

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Unused Mortar Canyon Object Layout by Brandon Jones- I'm going to showcase more mods very soon, stay tuned !Be sure to subscribe for Sonic Forces content ! Sonic Forces (PC)

A Person With a Name
Do those enemies attack in the final game?
Absolute Disappointment
2:00 I sure hope someone got fired for that
Agustin Leguiza
Aside from the awful Dash Pannels placement the level looks more fun and challenging than the one in the final version.
Atomic Cat
For some reason these beta levels look a little better than the final ones
Austin Edwards
I hope this gets released as a Hard mode DLC for free
Blitz215 2nd Channel
Good level design but removed...
Brahim Usumaki
Pas first
Caleb O'Sullivan
Sonic Team really has a fetish on dash panels
Commander Spyder
In several ways, this is better than the final version. It's quite messy looking though.
This doesn't make any sense. Other than the dash pad lines, the level was much more competently made than the final version. Why would they dumb it down so extremely...?
Doctor X
Sonic Forces Dimps Edition
Evanator Extreme
Funny story,While I was playing Mortar Canyon(Normal)with Super Sonic,I finished exactly when this video did.
Evil Trapezium
So basically longer dash panels, a major fapping of spike placements and a screeching halt of progress where the challenge is that you break all your speed to wait for platforms?\n\nI kind of see why they didn't use this. This looks even worse than the one they went with. At least the final version had flow. This is the equivalent of rushing through a door and having a gun to your face... and then finding out 5 seconds later that it's only a water pistol.\n\nBut hey, maybe Sonic Team can try to con people this level with paid DLC like they did with Super Sonic.
Foxy Mod
Sonic boom Sonic: BOOST PANEL (instead of bounce pad)
I actually do like this a lot better than the final but some things look very cluttered because the new developers probably didn't know what should be where
This actually looks more fun than the actual stage
I am 40
Sonic team dumbing down their potentially challenging yet beneficial level reminds me of how i would constantly say i scored a boderline pass for my grades despite it being decent
James Bryan
the trigger volume to initiate the last dialogue in the level makes a lot more sense to be near the end rather than a good while before it, This makes a lot more sense than the seemingly underwhelming end of the final build's level
i'll just always have this enabled from now on.
That's a lot of dash panels
Kadialy dk
le niveau est bien mieux comme sa
Literally everything is better. Hell, those tightly packed lasers prove that the quick step was supposed to be three lanes, like normal. And I'll excuse the boost pads, they're probably there to simulate a scripted turn where there was none in early development.
Kareem Codling
better than the original lol
Despite having too many boost pads, it looks better. But they had to make it easier so that IGN can play it.
Kylan Hall
I mean like they made it a little more difficult and at the same time more automated due to dashpads
Sonic Team is scattering booster like confetti!
Mega Sonic
There is even a New enemy , this stage was Just too good
This is actually making me want a Director's Cut of the game because this actually looks pretty challenging.
Comment section in a nutshell:\n•original Stage was better\n•wish they kept the original stage\n•too many boost pads
Nut Tube
Oh What could’ve been expect for those dash panels lmao
Well, this proves to me that they really have their priorities messed up. That beginning area with all the spikes, and the whole middle section with the platforms, my guess is those were removed because you couldn't \
0:44 In cooperation with Dimps.
This is a pretty interestingly designed stage in its beta version. Parts of it remind me of a Boost gameplay version of the later Sonic 1 levels where you got slowed down by everything and needed to learn how to exploit Sonic's moveset to bypass the obstacles so you could complete the stage faster.
Ragnabloud PS4
this is so much better
This is probably for a *(real)* hard mode DLC of some sort, but just to be safe... don’t get your hopes up.\nEven then, this probably wouldn’t be that difficult... just... *somewhat* difficult.\n\n\nWhy *real* hard mode? Simply because this level seems to have certain elements that make this version somewhat harder than the “final”:\n\n1. Additional spikes (minor)\n2. That one section that is easily skipped (with a dash panel) is now *forces* you to do it.\n3. The absurd amount of dash pads *could* be to prevent you from quick stepping and boosting... I think... \n4. Did I mention death traps using dash pads and dash panels, flinging you into the nearby bottomless pit of doom?
This is SO MUCH BETTER! Not up to par with any level from Generations, but it's an ACTUAL LEVEL! No, this shouldn't be a \
1:05 i kinda like that view tbh that's what sonic team should stick with
Robert TL
Its better than the original
Still better than original stage...
It’s sad how the BETA was so much better than the original..,
Shadow Monkey
This is so much better it hurts
Wait they found a beta version or is this just a mod for it to look like s beta version?
Sir Scribbly
Needs more dash panels
Sonic Gaming / Memes
Is this pc?
Soul Temper
2:07 that homing attack was sexual
I mean, why would scrap level time for an easier level when the fanbase is continuosly trolling you
Staraptor Flock
The final is better
Storm Panther
I don't see that much of a difference besides the fetish for dash panels
Stun Gun
Better in some parts.
SuperMario 53
More like the Super Hard version.
That one dude who posts stuff
What if the boosters are where they plan on putting future scripted events?
The Ultimate One
This stage had so much potential
there is so much to explore wtf sonic team!!
Sticking to not hurt children's feelings. This is why they scrapped this version of Mortar Canyon.\n\nAnd IGN would strike again if this was kept. Because IGN doesn't play well *_intentionally._*\n\nBecause they're gonna say again \
Minus all those rows of dash panels, the level is so platform heavy it makes me almost feel like it's an Adventure level...
this stage would be the first stage in forces (and probably the last) where those bombers showed up in a sonic game (since sonic lost world) .
Toonex Media
Isn’t this a mod
Will Plummer
0:46 Why are you just standing here? I clicked this video the see the differences in the level... nothing there is different.\nWhat do you mean there's more dash panels?\n\n\nThe game always has that many dash panels :)
i am 10 so i am a kid AND I WOULD OF LOVED THIS 10 TIMES BETER THAN THE EASY CRAP VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zenthic Saphir
Betas are sometimes better then the final games
If they tied up the loose ends (the abundance of dash panels), I wouldn't mind if they released this as a \
wtf were the boost capsules doing in 2:15 at the end of the level lmao
My god those boost pads are excessive lol, why did they tone the difficulty down so much !! Beta stages should have been the hard mode and normal should have been the current game
lixeira do kuro
Why is the beta stage better than the actual stage?
Wait, you mean to tell me that this was suppose to originally be a fun stage with obstacles that required some skills to complete? What sorcery is this?!?
Those dash panels...just...why?\nAlso the lasers on the bottom path looked really cool and could have spiced the level up more.
sonic 619
The beta was actually going to be a challenge.
I hate to say this but this is better than the final version
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