Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Jai Envie De Toi

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Out Now on iTunes: For those moments of absolute beatitude and musical bliss, Armin van Buuren brings out another special jewel under his Gaia mask. He unveils the seductively trancy 'J'ai Envie De Toi'.No Gaia-moment has ever left anyone unmoved. It's the moniker that Armin has been using since the first '4 Elements' release in 2001. Reviving it in 2009 with the rapturing 'Tuvan' was one of the many peaks of the Dutchman's career.With Gaia, Armin honors his love for trance music, celebrating the beauty of the emotional genre with highlights such as 'Aisha', 'Stellar' and 'Status Excessu D'. In 2012, he brings 'J'ai Envie De Toi', an anthem that won't only move the crowds, but also show that Armin van Buuren's love for trance is as strong as a never-ending crush.

ARMD1117 Armin Buuren Dance De Envie Gaia J'ai Toi Trance Trance Music presents van

3240 Türkiye
89271136029 Markiz252
Надеюсь тех кто поставил дизлайк задавили к хуям!!!
Abraham Vera
\u003c--- 2018
Alejandro Rangel
Armin Van Buuren \u003c3
Anand Bagaria
Here in 2018 ?
Angad Achrekar
This is why I fell in love with trance! When I hear song like these I just can't explain the emotion i feel inside. It sounds like a journey I feel happy and sad at the same time. Makes you think deep!
Asif Mallik
04:50 goosebumps
Atmiati Atie
I love it
Ayman AK
3:20 \u003c--- Unbelievable O.o ... can't have enough of this song
Azzeddine Flalhi
جزاٸکم السطحية العجز هو الدي يضرب في الخلفية و اقتراب الحجر بالعکسية تا والله ل انسية تقولها اللسانية عند سرطانية دواٸها السطحية
Bachar Sky
2018 😍😍😍
Bianchi Trader
Best Music of armin!!
Brian Landa
J'ai Envie De Toi - I WANT YOU!
Carolina Lopez Romero
I love you Armin 💝💝💝
Code source
This track changed my life when it came out.. \u003c3
Danichaves chaves
amo esses ritimos
Duncan Palmer
This is one of the most incredible trance ch00ns I have ever heard.
Ecliptic A
My serotonin and dopamine levels are currently peaking ~ such a euphoric feeling, an unparalleled state of serenity.
Ek Villain
Eric Kunkel
Je ne veux pas ce morceau à la fin!
Published on my birthday - *huh, that definitely made me smile ... \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 Armin  :D
H Martinez
Still listening in 1998
Hasan Milod
2018 still up 👋👋👋
Hoxt 88
This is a pure trance ?
Hugo Castillo
GAIA :3 😍 ❤\nArmin Van Buuren :3 😍❤
Isai Rkardo
Me fascina lo que hace GAIA
I'm a bear
Jerry Bong
who is listening this in 2090? :D
Jesús Adrián
at the end of the world I will listen this song :D
Jesús Martínez Domínguez
I already have the song, but I like to listen in here, to read the comments and don't feel alone :'|
Joni Yüce
one of my favoruite . Still armin is the best dj for me .
Jose Luis
The best track of gaia \u003c3
Judasz Iskariota
żyć w rytmie tej muzyki
best dj
Lady Son goku
Wow. Only 50 dislikes and 450,000 views. Only around 1 in every 9000 people disliked the track enough to 'dislike' it. Truly shows it is one of the best Trance tracks ever.
Megat Muhammad Arif Roslan
It's impossible not to jump and dance while listening to this fine art.
J'ai envie de toi \n\nOh mon petit chéri\nJe te désire\nJ'ai envie de toi
Michael Nickerson
Love you armin!!!!
Mir Aaqib Gulzar
Never heard anything like this
Mladen Dikov
2017 anyone? :D
Mohamed Tallat
One of the best trance tracks ever\nE\nG\nY\nP\nT
Monil Solanki
i want this track to be played at my funeral! \u003c3
Mr Spooks UK
insanin fransiz manitalara gel git yapasi geliyor bunu dinleyince
Who's not in 2018..still phenomenal..
Rehan positive
6 years and so on!
Riza Togog
Robert Campbell
2019 anyone?
Roberth Aguilar
Excellent track.... =)
Rovin Shanila
2014  ♥
I love trance so much
S Beats
This is something special!! I used to produce only HipHop but that changed my mind...
Who Need Drug,\nIf We Have Trance....
Sakai Jiuoi
Sam Carrillo
Probably my most favorite track of AVB's :)
Saurabh Gautam
Here's to you Sumi! Followed this since 2011 :)
Sebastián Cortés
One of the best trance tracks ever..., and i would say the best since second half of 00´s up to now
Shawn Xu
Trance is better than anything in the world.
Sofia Amor
Trance \u003c3 :,)
Solaire of Astora
love this track 
Stefan Filla
Something long but the sound is awesome.
Szabolcs Tálos
2018, and still one of the best :)
Teja LP
This song is one of the finest Trance music. \u003c3 Armin and all DJ's who make superb trance. Thank you to each and every DJ for entertaining the whole world!
Triantafyllos Antoniadis
Magical Track & one of the best trance ever .. still rock in 2017
Vazha Gelashvili
Listening in 2018 with pleasure!! \u003c3
Vivian Daisy
nice beat!
Vladimír Petija
I am here almost after 3 years after the release. All I'm gonna say is that when this track was rolling out, I found it average and not so much interesting. But today my opinion is that it is a MILION STAR track! Full lenght, great sound, classic trance elements and I can enjoy and define every sound of it as trance sound... Bravo Armin, bravo Benno, bravo Armada! Keep this up, cause trance NEEDS to stay alive, so that people know it's the most creative, artistic genre of electronic dance music! This track is PURE, ENERGIC TRANCE as we know and love it! Nothing else. 
Weekly Update Trance
who is still listening to this in 2016? :D
Yesic Londoño
de los mejores de Armin, para mí.
Youssef Chen
2018 anyone ?
This track is the meaning of real Trance
Trance never dies
oui j'ai envie de toi très belle trance 
carlos alzate
This never gets old, its beautiful \u003c3
costa dhima
3018 anybody ?
daniel monroy
quien la escucha en diciembre del 2016 , DESDE MEXICO (;
Has anyone ever done a scientific experiment to show why specifically trance music makes people feel so good? I mean, no other kind of music even comes close!!
emita x.l.c.
Ecuador presente
eva peyron
felipe trance
still one of my favorites , together with status excessu D!!!
hashriel izz
are you guys sure this is trance? sounds more like progressive house to me
ismail çalık
bu nedir amk yaa..mükemmell..
k4mik4 K20
I can travel the whole Milky Way with this music.... O.o
Best current trance song. Love you AVB!
sam malbon
love it : )))
sunny salim
J'ai Envie De Toi. J'adore
thyago max
ıŋɛŞ ٳɛɖɛʑmą Ines Ledezma D.
Excelente me encanta toda su música un GENTE pero con mayusculas
My favorite gaia's song\n1: J'ai envie de toi\n2:In principo\n3:Empire of herts\n4:Tuvan\n5:Carnation