[M/V] HYOLYN(효린) - Dally(달리) (feat. GRAY)

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[M/V] HYOLYN(효린) - Dally(달리) (feat. GRAY)HYOLYN's Single Album [Dally (feat. GRAY)]Now Available on : ▶Bugs :

HYOLYN bugs bugs music dally girl group gray idol k pop sistar 걸그룹 그레이 달리 벅스 벅스뮤직 씨스타 효린 효린 컴백

Aisling Draconicus
this. girl. self-started her own company, sings, performs--embraces her goddamned stunning melanin and body--- I just- where the hell have i been, not stanning her?
Alicia ck
ugh wait how tf did she slayed my whole life in just 3 minutes
Anivie Redillas
i love how she is confident with her skin color and her body, beauty and uniqueness that she's in korea and they all wanted to be white and fair skin and do plastic surgery and there's hyolyn rocking her beautiful skin color and natural face i love her im gay now bye.\n\nedit: wooww calm down people im sorry if i offend you ..its just MY opinion tho.. i also understand all your opinions .. you guys also have points .. thank you for the effort for replying and stating your opinions 😊
Arianator BLINK
I feel like the people like HyunA, Jessi, all that, especially this girl, r the ones that aren't forced to do things as much. Because they r not as thin, they have darker skin, they're thicc (not as much HyunA) and they don't seem like other girl groups
As poderosas de meia
Atéa Cavalade
Wow I’m already gay but she making me like 100 times gayer 🙈😍
Audrey Kwon
Thanks for us the golden skins ✨🔥☀️ Hyolyn, Jessi ... 🌈
*Super* *sexy*
Baby Girl
50% Lesbian\n30% Outfits\n10% Sexy\n10% Twerking\n100% Amazing
Brett F.
I'm so sick of cute concepts in K-Pop, this is refreshing as hell.
Brê Destefani
I really want a english version ❤️❤️ I love this song \nYou girls are hot 🔥🔥
Bts Got7 Exo Nct TxT
Wasn't she in that girl group called Sistar!!??
Caerulea Tigris
I thought it said \
Caitie M
The asian tanishè😍😍😍
Camilly Vitória
AAAAAA estou no chão depois disso! ;3;💖💖💖💖
Da Asian
**brakes back whilst doing the dance**
Danielle Pope
Was that aliya janell or am i seeing stuff?? 😍😍
Florent Brd !
I usally don't like this type of MV's but she looks so confident I can't stop watching it over and over again !
FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.―
GW Epyon
Anyone know who the black girl is? She's literally everything. Wow
Gabriel Minatozaki
Cadê os B R que também ama Hyolyn?
Hande karadeniz
Sheis korean tinashe😀
Hannah Verhoeven
hyolyn is the literal definition of body goals holy cow I'm so gay
He'd Ba
If Calvin Klein and Adidas aren't sponsoring this music video they're missing out
Ice Cream
My hoe anthem
Jacqueline M.
I’m back after her “controversy” sksks ur doing amazing sweetie\u003c3
Jada Morton
I’m losing my mind with this choreography! Was not ready for her to slay all over the floor like this. Yasss Queen 🙌🏽
Jafnoon Khatun
My lesbian SCREAMED
Jennifer Yu
Jesus Christ -Maddie-
One word. ICONIC
I stan this genre of Korean music
Jussef Osman
I mean I'm a gay male and couldn't take my eyes off this queen! AAHHH SLAY HYO😍🔥
Just Bored
Still iconic, especially in those damn heels
Kookies,Suga, and Tae
*She slay us all*
Ky (KYoMicA27)
oh my god i think i stopped breathing hoLY SHIT THIS IS SO GOOD
I am loving this! So much swag and confidence. I love Hyolyn's dancing and singing in this. I don't understand why this isn't more popular than it is.
Laura Simanjuntak
Damn. I feel like im a potato sack right now. How to be like Hyolyn tho? Shes so amazing and that body damn😣😍
Lazon Williams
An English version of that would probably be a hit in America...these girls are beautiful 💕❤️💘🌹🌷🌷💐
2:12 - 2:23 initially I thought it was her but then I realised it's the other girl with dance with her. Anyway, love this part and love the song🌻
Lrran 05
Can we just give it up for hyolyn and aliya queennnnnnsssss🔥🔥🔥
Man of steel
This is one of my guilty pleasure songs
Margaret Anteros
Holy GODNESS the fact that my favourite choreographer AND Kpop girl are in the same video is making me insane right now. My wig has been officially snatched, what a good pair!!! Heart eyes
Minx Night
Who ever put her in dad hats I'd like to personally thank you like she looks really good in them
Finally we have some healthy looking girls
Namjoon'sHER [MONO]
Omg! She was my bias in Sistar, she's blown my mind all over again!!
Neha mk
Newt Newt
I can feel the gay inside myself. In love with her. :v
Nyubi Kan
Here for Gray!!
Paul Garcia
So who came here after the KBS Drama Awards?
Post HK
한국형 비욘세
Queen Lex
Did anyone realized that the girl dancing with hyolyn was Aliya Janell. I love her !!
Queer Monbebe
This song is so empowering for women! It makes me proud and confident in my own body. Thank you for this bop Queen! Always do whatever you want! Fighting!
RIP PurplE
효린 옆에 같이 추는 외국인 몸매 이쁘다 ㅠㅠ
Rattlestick Development
I won't lie, this video is probably the hottest thing I've seen in a while. I LOVE it.
Roblox Lover 123
Seeing her dance on the floor with those heels makes me feel tired
@ 2:13 is that hyolyn. Her tattoo is gone
She´s a goddess.\nIm turning gay for her.\nThe fact that she embraced her body, skin color, ethnicity , sexuality and slayed everyone´s lifes....\nwOw.
Salsabila Natasha
Love the song, not the MV
Savannah M.
hyuna + hyolyn + jessi = a masterpiece
Shattered Shards
I'm happy to finally see her hard work pay off - she posted rehearsal clips of her learning the choreo and I wondered when we'd get the MV.\n\nShe started her own company because there were things she wanted to try and to grow as an artist, and she's doing it. Props to her.
ShyShyShy Girl
CADÊ OS BR NESSE BAGUIÓ BAGUIADO!!!!! ksksksk\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAmo essa música e a Hyolyn ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Spoonful of Suga
Hyolyn, Hwasa, Hyuna, CL, Le, and Jessi in one video please
Summer LaRose
Someone tell me where she got those yellow pants cuz damn
Vote for her to win Best Dance Performance Solo for MAMA on mwave
Time Bomb Terry
Hyolyn and Aliya Janell are perfect together. I want more of Hyolyn using Aliya's choreography.
It actually annoys me how none of these dancers promoted this video on their IG pages. But if it was for any other western artist, they’d be the first to post about it.....😒
Vasili Bakagias
HYOLYN is superb, and it is to her credit that she is branching out into wider gulfs of the musical industry, aiming for a larger audience, and a newer fan base. HYOLYN will exceed everyone`s expectations of her, and she may just yet attain worldwide star status that has up till now proven elusive for her. I for one adore her tremendously, and it will be quite interesting to see her give all of the Occidental performers a run for their money. K~Pop is in the house!!!
Vitória Gomes
Warlock LightBane
Imagine Hyolyn and Tinashe 🔥🔥😍
Yoongx Boongx -.-
“Las coreanas no tienen curvas” JÁ.
Well. This isn't safe for me to watch in public 🙂
Zaty Rahman
Imagine when Hyolyn, CL, Jessi, Chungha & Hyuna colaborate in one music video. All queen slayinggg. Love them 😘💗
Zoe Wyatt
This song was beautifully done, very sensual and and choreo fits really well. It was a song that I fell instantly in love with from the first listen.
__ Asdfghjkl
I'm gonna rant. im so proud. I don't see how anyone could get offended. she delivered sexiness so effortlessly and movements so wow but understated. just so classy. she even delivered vocal to remind you. we gotta love the diversity. I don't see obnoxious culturally appropriated bantu knots or whatever. hyo pushed herself and got new choreo // no purplow. she's exposing herself with connections outside Korea and isn't offending her new audience.
agustín ;
i´m heterosexual
babydoll Stella
Lethal song\nLethal Artist\nLethal dance\nHoe Anthem? I think so
bts blink
changbin lovebot
HolY shIz iM gAy
y’all, hyorin is so slept on! :/
evil girl
hippi sxxcx
haz tu propia empresa por favor y acepta a las que les gusta bailar sexy y das una gira mundial con tu empresa y haces audiciones de pasada y todas somos felices \n\ncomo si eso llegara a pasar
janique scott
It took me waay too long for me to realise that's my fav cheoreographer and dancers dancing with her
karen martinez
Me encanta la coreografía :3
i have exams on monday why do i keep watching this ssksks
min yoongi
idky but the song kinda sounds like sorry not sorry by demi Lovato when I hear the clapping
personally i think i prefer this type of confident and vibrant appeal to sexiness rather than cute girl groups wearing really short skirts but are obviously NOT comfortable wearing it (you may see girls pull their shorts or skirts lower) but hyolyn seems extremely comfortable and confident with her revealing herself and she shouldn’t be the one getting hate! not to mention her perfect body lol im gay now
ohwell thatsKpop
WHY ISNT THIS BLOWIN UP THE INTERNET LIKE THIS IS SO GOOD YALL SLEEPIN ON THE GOOD STUFF \n\n*Says the one who only found out about this a month after its release lol im late *
saray ARMY
Ya lo decidí,este es mi baile elegido para seducir a mi Crush.Preparate beibi 7u7r
seesaw X
Hyolyn es una gran razón para que me vuelva bisexual :)
strange thingz
Jay Park and hyolyn should collaborate I would love to see this king and queen 💜
twice candy 🍬🍭
Hyolyn looks very pretty as a blonde but smokin hot with dark hair
When I first saw the teaser on her IG and GRAY's, I flipped. I'm so glad she is doing her, and just enjoying herself with her music. The song is popping and that choreography...honey...I wish I could dance like that too.
ะ hani ៹
i love coming back to this
ᄏᄏ창창한 하루
RIP my self esteem
*I love how she embraces her dark skin. Girls like light skin. YAS QUEEN*
명훈아 명훈아
I came here for the sexy GRAY, but now I have a girl crush. DANG HYOLYN 효린 GET IT!
마르고 여리여리한 몸매도 좋지만\n효린언니처럼 건강해보이고 \n탄탄한 몸매가 더 매력적임
Imagine that she's perform this on KBS AWARD!? The people reaction & Men thirsty 😂😂😂