"Шутка ангела" 2004 комедия/ Комедия смотреть онлайн

"JOKE ANGEL" - a romantic comedy. Melodrama.Duration - 88 min.Genre - Romantic comedy.Directed by ILDAR ISLAMGULOVScriptwriter PAVEL KASATKINProducers Ildar IslamogulovComposer MIKHAIL SHKIRMANCast.Angel - VLADIMIR STEKLOVLion - NIKOLAY PIPASculptor - VIKTOR PIPANadya - JULIA GULThe worker of the Registry - VALENTINA VASILEVICHANNOTATION.     After 15 years of friendly relations, the pragmatic Leo and the romantic Nadya come to the conclusion that they need to start a family, and the absence of love is not a hindrance. But an angel flies to the ground to prevent this, because marriages are made in heaven.     The angel reincarnates as an artist-soothsayer who chooses their second halves. Nadia instead of Leo, he draws another person. The lion is upset and furious ... Romantic Nadia, believing that her “real” second half may exist, decides to use her chance and find it before the wedding.     But Leo finds him first ... Nadia and Leo have only three days left ...     Heavenly marriage or marriage of convenience? Will mystical events lead people to the right choice? Marriage for love - fantasy or reality?Production of "Film Studio" RAINBOW "2004Rights: Film Company "Gloria Pictures" "All rights reserved, any copying will be prosecuted"

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