Metallica Iggy Pop: T.V. Eye (Mexico City, Mexico - March 5, 2017)

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Filmed on March 5, 2017 at Foro Sol in Mexico City, Mexico.Watch footage from the Mexico City Tuning Room at

4 an old guy iggy poop can still rock out yo~
Alejandro Rodriguez
eso no parece mexico... ahi todos quieticos! zzZz...
Alexandre Morillas
Andre Totti
3:17 last i hear james say at 1993
Angie pangie
I love you Iggy pop. named my dearly departed dog after you, cuz he had a lust for life
Aridhay Meyenberg
Me da un poquito de cosa que la mayoría de los que fueron a este concierto no tienen ni la menor idea de lo grande que es IggyPop y de lo afortunados que fuimos de verlo en el escenario. \nSi pudiste asistir a algún concierto de metallica en mx y aún te preguntas ¿Quién demonios fueron The Stooges? investigalo y así sabrás lo afortunado que eres.
B. B.b.
I loaded a cum shot on Lars moms back after an Iggy show in 75. Sad.
Bruno Hgz
Enserio los estan volviendo a subir para que tengan ese pequeño video al final? :v
CJ Zárate
I was there, and when James came out with the Vulture guitar and said \
Cactus J.
Cool!! C'mon Metallica guys collaboration of Iggy??\nIggy is Godfather of Punk and Godfather of Heavy Metal too!!
Carlos Medina
Great song and Que chingue a su madre el América
Carlos Rodriguez
Iggy a sus 70 tiene mas energia que yo. jajajaja ENORME IGGY!!!
Chinese Restaurant TENKEI
without Iggy it's just Metallica
Chris Whitmer
What a great honor for Metallica!!
Awesome. Metallica rules.
That's the James we all know and love! \\m/ 3:18
Cocho CV
Cumulo De Grasa
Like si crees que metallica deberia venir a chile nuevamente
Dakota Ward
Metallica needs to do a second Garage Inc.
Dante Francisco Perez
fue una magnifica noche.. con todos los fanaticos de corazon de \
David Runnells
Icon legends.....priceless
Dennis Veenema
Metallica just played with its creator!
there is One thing that will allways make better Rock/metal/punk music than Pop: The respect the musicians have for each other in this genre
Ethan Brumback
4:11 is my favorite part of this song
Wasn't this uploaded a couple of days ago?
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Damn, lady gaga doesn't look like she's feeling too well in this video
Francisco lml
Frank Lefebvre
George A
George H
My favourite frontman with one of my favourite bands.Where is the orgasm button?
damn... their hair has gotten grey...
Repost or what? They originally posted this a few weeks ago. \n\nAnyway, kick-ass song and performance by Iggy and the 'Tallica boys.
Héctor Cerón
I was there... among the other thousands of mortals...
J.Sercan Yacan
I wish they will made cover every single song that we like.
Jacob Draper
Jaguara Zuero
Brasil- sil- sil- sil
Jair Luna
Iggy Pop es una reata, no hay duda de eso. Tantos artistas que se han subido a colaborar con Metallica y este es el primero que se pone igual o más salvaje.
James hetfield
minute 3:18 its the james hetfield that we miss!!! :(
Jan Hanebeck - AmiLoGiXx
I am an early joke, let me make a comment
Jessie Dahl
Jhonny And The Sexy Mamas
New Harleys are brutals!!!
Joe Dragon
Power of music seems to rejuvenate your body.. any pain from being older seems to disappear...power of music is the ultimate pain killer
Jorge Olvera
3:11 Malditas drooogas
Josh Cruz
his voice is still awesome
José Augusto dos Santos
BOM SOM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Julio Cesar Gpe Hdz
dale like si estuviste ahí ese día o si quieres que saquen un DVD de mexico.
Kacper Michno
pre-death crisis? xD
KiLl3R Mem3StAR
Iggy looks old as hell but he's still mental
Kim Chi
The last show I saw on here from Mexico was *INCREDIBLE*. ❤️Metallica ❤️Mexico (been twice)
no clue who that is or what this band is still doing on stage. and I own more than 900 metallica items
Bad leg and everything, Iggy still rocks. He's one of those legends in my list of \
Leonardo Avila Febles
Metallica Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulse- Otto of The Simpsons \ni was there in the minute 4:34 man that show was crazy
Logan LaPointe
the bands looking great. keep it up guys
4:28 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Melvin O Duelista
him again? lol
Pablo Neri
Paola Hernández
Poliana Zanini
Show demais \u003c3
Ricardo A
I was there :0
I love you James wish I could jam with you and the guys :(
Rob Jones
Great performance by Ig and Metallica. Metallica have clearly enormous respect for\nIggy, and this epic Stooges track.\n\nBoth have nothing left to prove.
Ronison Cardoso Silva
já estava na hora do Metallica tocar com alguém do Calibre de Iggy Pop , tocou com Lemmy (Motorhead), Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabath), e agora sim o meu ídolo Máximo Iggy Pop (The Stooges) , três ícones máximos do Rock de macho sem frescuras! mas cagaram no pau tocando com a Lady Gaga!
Nice video! Good sound!
Sacul Sedna
Salado Metalero
Cheers from Uruguay!!!!!!!!!
Salvador Dueñas
Iggy quién? :v
We wait you in Romania \\m/
Senja Serayu
Wow, Anthony Kiddies look so old...
Skeeter NYC
Iggy is GOD!!
Snake Eyes
Stefania Georgieva
Grend sond 💗💗💗💗
They killed it! Band is looking great and Iggy as well!
Vanessa Devars
I was there !!!! In the fourth row near the stage.\nlml! lml!
Vince Gedeon
i could watch iggy all day hes just an incredible amazing legend so funny and nice as hell
Vlad Baje
They voices fit perfectly
Wilson Felix
genial !!
Wookie Groomer
When is Metallica making their first UHD 4K Blu Ray Concert video!!!??? Wow, Anthony Kiedis is looking tired... Where's Iggy?
Probably one of my favorite collaborations ever, Metallica and Iggy Pop.
bang twang
no wah pedal?
causticgod band
Most life I've seen in Metallica in decades.
yeah this sucks
se puso bueno el cotorreo con iggy
Metallica's great as Iggy's backup band. It's like they're Metallica, but with a great lead singer.
the Best audio 👂 yeah
james vincent
Sounds too \
did I here the crowd say Jason? lol
Iggy is 70 yo but he is still jumping, dancing, screaming. He face looks really old but his soul much younger than Metallica.
fue magico estar ahi. gracias metallica !!!!!
one man show I
u guys r the best thing in the world u my inspiration to play guitar #lars meme
robert maycock
Much to my surprise it was bloody great. Looks like everyone enjoyed it.
sasse Brasse
this is raw!! Iggy give birth to Metallica!!
iggy pop drunk or is it just me?
troy baker
The most fun I've seen James have in a long time on stage
Needs The Asheton bros
is that actually their bassist and if so does that mean he actually chose to do that with his hair?
Владислав Алексеев
We've been waiting this so long. James swears on stage!!!