Halo: Custom Edition - Covenants Canyon

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Covenant's Canyon Public Beta 2 - Single Player, by Wolf GraveLink: This map's pretty fun, even with the 2 minute Requiem for a Dream Flood sequence and the obnoxious 10-second loop of Blow Me Away. It's also quite difficult, had to do this one on Easy difficulty because it kicked my butt for a while.

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Blanket Man
Nice One but work on the battle rifle
Lincoln Oakley
I like the spiker a lot more in Halo custom edition. This has a better story than Halo 5's entire campaign.
Stormy GiantMilkbot
0:50 like the music :)
Tic-Tac Bomb
This map has better graphics than Halo Ce. Nice job👏👏👏👏
rugal De france
4:21 illuminati ????