The Crew 2 Beta - casual drive to the Grand Canyon

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Hello guys,Hope you'll enjoy this video of my playing the Crew 2 Beta.I've been selected to play the Alpha in the spring, now I've been selected to play the Beta version aswell.The game is a little laggy to my Lenovo Y520 with the graphics set on High (especially in the cities), so don't expect 60 fps :)If you have any questions, please comment below!Also, if you enjoyed the video, press the like / subscribe button!

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Black Panda
Epic. Wow. This game looks amazing. Thanks for sharing :)
Colonel Patton
I have a pc with a gtx 1080 with a i7 7700k so when ever I use my dell inspiron 7567 I think of how spoiled I am from my pc
Just bought the game and it’s not even that good. It’s worse than the first crew !