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I'm from Russia and I love Leslie Sansone very much!
Aahil Mohammd
Is this for whole body?
Achu 6splus
hi dear ...i follow u r video everyday ...i feel a good change ...i reduced 4kg
Aditya Jain
Can males also do this???
Al Ebtehal
how much calories does burns in this workout
Alexis Kraus
I'm not feeling that egg white response, but I'm down with oatmeal!
Ana Ramírez
Excellent!! These exercises are for me!!
Anu Katiyar
Arpita Raj
omg thank you so so so much.. this is the only workout i didnt feel like switching, and i loved it so much throughout without feeling bored.. first workout in my life which i completed ...
Barna Mészáros
Walk walk walk
Bina Sheikh
As always I enjoyed the workout and I LOVED how the music matched with moves and was so upbeat and fun...
Brenda Martínez
Oh my gosh, it's my first time doing it and I made it to the end! I only took a moment at 10 min. to have some water. I'll try to do it every day, thank you!
Chat Su
To be honest while I was cooking dinner I also walked at home exercise too!
Cool girl Cookie
Well done ! Keep is up!
Dikita Sahu
THANK YOU ....... .... Leslie ma'am💐💖💝💝💝💖
Dina Jasmina
Wi love you too Leslie
Divya K
Hi mam!! Am from India Ur new subscriber.. Ur videos are very useful and easy way to learn both excercise and dance..
Thanks from Turkey ❤🇹🇷
Elizabeth Mwenya
I love this .
Is this one a 1 mile walk??
Eraj Rana
I love this exercise this is awesome and amazing. This is really helping me buring my fat thx dear Leslie. This exercise is great .this isn't very hard to do 😘😘😀😀😜😜
I really like your Walk at Home videos. I'm losing weight and my trainer suggested I do cardio workout, but keep my heart rate in Zone 2 to burn fat. So, for me now speed walking on treadmill is the best. Sometimes I find it boring so your videos have made my workout even more fun. Thanks so much and please keep up the good work :)
Farah Tufail
I ❤️ ur channel n u r Bravo 😘
Fatıma ÇON
İlk defa bu kadar ingilizce öğrenmek istiyorum.
Fluminox5284 -
How are you smiling while pretend walking?!?!?
Froilan Valdez
Thank you; GOD bless; watching and listening here in the Philippines;
Girly Passmore Greatness
First time and am feeling great already.
Jastine Rabacal
now thanks for this video....we did everyday with my friend Rowena after our work.... we go positively.frm UAE fujairah...
Jeremiah and borthers Antonella
Thank you Leslie ur workouts r alsome and ur self, keep them coming.
Jhen Noble
I lose 3 kg for 3weeks... I do this 4x aweek
Judy A. Shroads
I have bad neuropathy in both feet. I'd love to do this exercise, but my balance isn't good. How can I modify it for me? Love you and videos.
Junior Flores
i love it maam
Jyoti Chawla
Love you i!!!! always walk with you you are very cute Thankyou ...
Key T
Ive lost so much utilizing this program. It never fails 7 years ive been on this program without any extra dieting
Khan Zahera
my day strt wid u dear...ur voice walk walk walk-fills so much energy....luv u leslie
KiKi Poet
I love you! \nYou helped me lose 51 pounds. \nThis has become one of my fav videos ...love the beat used especially the first half
Kiran Sidhu
thnxx leslei i like ur video
Lee Hong Hien
After 18 years of not exercising, I start to walk today. I am 71kg now. I wish to reduce my weight to 55kg. Yes!
Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
This exercise is from Walk at Home's Mix & Match Walk Blasters 10 Minute Walks DVD! Get the DVD here: https://store.walkathome.com/product/mix--match-walk-blasters?product_id=WA62243-01
Lizzy Opara
Love the work out. I just started my tonight and i love it thanks from u.k.
Lyn Adrian
I have been doing this every night at least 30 minutes daily before sleep and its working on me, ......
Lynell Hunt
Madeleine Duran
Already doing this for 2 weeks straight & I could already feel and see the results. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Note: I try to at least do 2 or 3 videos of walk at home by leslie. It really helps a lot. I feel stronger than ever.
Marie-france Versini
Bravo Leslie et merci !!! you are fantastic!!!!!
Marina Quintanilla
Gracias y God bless you always!!!!!
Martina G
This is a great video for those rainy days when you can workout at the comfort of your own home I have just reached my goal weight of 10 stone and this is just what I needed thank you so much Leslie!
Melisa Torres Rojas
Lindicimo video pero x fa t rasmitelo en español un like y muchisisisisisimoooosss 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏de ❤
First day done !! Absolutely love it. I'll watching this video every day. Thank you so much. 160 Pounds. Will see how many I'll will loose in a month. 1/18/19.
Nadia Hashim
After 30 years I start to follow your walkout vodio befor am 96.6 kg but today I am 83 kg .\nI am very happy and thankfull\nTo you your sound make me to enjoy to do this walkout I love you good wishes and happy new year.
Nagihan Zorlu
İ love you leslie
Naomi Bessix
Been w u since 2009...went from 278 to 130
Nasser QM
which better for losing weight doing cardio after or before breakfast ?
Nawal Zitouni
Nina Nina
راني معاك
Normia Guyo
Very easy exirsice
Novz Ocbian
I lost weight doing walk-walk.Thank you from Philippines.
Patty Martinez
Very good exercises I’m diabetic my blood sugar was always above 130 and since I’ve been doing this exercise it has gone down to 94 thank you so much😊
i tried this exercise almost everyday for the last two months with portion control diet I have lost 6 kilos in three months...I am not rushing to lose weight at the same time not craving for the foods I love.. These exercises are helping to shape up the body... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love doing these.. I am a working mum I dont get time to go to gym and cant afford treadmills etc.. this is my home workout.. in love with Leslie...
Preeti Gaur
Hi Leslie m getting improvement in myself i m doing this workout once a day n i lost 1 kg in a week
Preeti Samuel
Thanks Leslie.. For making me walk.
Your best thing is you talk to your viewers, I love you. Am 25, fat, Indian girl, and had no inclination to do heavy exercises. It washed me out. Your workouts don't make me die out of exhaustion, yet I am sweating and reducing weight, I feel some cramps, yet refreshed. Thank you 🙂
Razi Mammedov
Reshma Philip
It is nice exercise, I loved it. please upload more videos
Ritu Virdi
You are Awesome Leslie Sandrine😚👌✌️
Robania White
Wait... This must be for older people right? I am 16, I just did this entire workout, and it was soooooo easy! Like, I didn't even break a sweat! LOL
Rosie Morrison
Love ! Love ! Love ! My new favourite 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
I like it I normally do this every day
SK -Series
You are amazing ....from India
SK Mack
I love Nick & LisaMarie. :-) Ha!
Safaa Fezazi
Sandhya Vijayan
Absolutely loved this simple yet effective workout. Completed it and I am sweating already. I Started only today. I am at 60kg. Will update in a week and in a month's time.
Sara jojo
Hi dear Lesli you so godd womn...i ask you,, thid doit every day or no?!\nPlease ask me ☺Thank you so much...dear❤❤❤❤❤💋💋
Silvia Martinez
hola Lesli, muy buenos ejercicios, pero por favor puedes. poner ejercicios con pelota. gracias Dios te bendiga🌹
Simone Green
Julian big up yu gud bady self. That simply means: Hi. We love walking with you here in Jamaica
Snehal Kapse
Hi everyone \nI have recently started this workout and I am going to do it every single day\nIs there anyone else who has started recently so that we can update our progress\nI would love to know changes in terms of weight loss and reduced waistline
Soo Sinu
Breakfast: Apple and peanut butter
Sushmita Prashant
I love this walk and felt so energetic on listening to your energetic voice.I m going to do this regularly now.Thank you so much.
Tab D
I've finally found a workout that I can do without giving up half way.
UFiiT. #Getufiit
Great work
Uzma Khan
How many calories we can burn from this workout
abdul rehman
you say, i like walk walk walk
anoos 07
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤🖒🔝
ari shaw
thank you Leslie i weight 150lb after 2 week 145lb thank you so much
chrissy c
That girl in the yellow looks like Megan Markle
You're amazing! I often don't like fitness trainers, but you're so charismatic and sympathetic person, I love go for \
ghada shams
My fav trainer, she is am awesome lady with very friendly voice, love you sooooomuch❤️❤️❤️❤️
kids videos videos
Thanks a lot...loved this workout
kimberly adams
Great music. Great workout. My healthy breakfast is a banana with peanut butter.
lee yuri
جاية من اراجيك 😊😂
sathiyavathi varatharajan
hi.. can u help me with series of videos that i should follow for 1 month? i really do need to lose a good amount of weight.
sivasankari raja
Mam superb very energetic in the morning
I love you too, thank you very much. I do exercise with you everyday.
tabassum dilshad
Bohot maza aa raha h dekhne m aur krne m bhi. 1week m mere inches kam huye h I M V Happy😊. She is V V beautiful & entertaining. . . . 👍
Елена Белова
По русски бы. Хоть комментарии.
الورده الحمراء
بحبك بحب رياضيه كله تمام 😙😘
تاانيا Khaleel
Like you nick hahahaha.... Like u lesli
ขนมหวาน น้ําตาล บวก
I like so much 😊